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Whitewater vs Flatwater Kayaks

Flatwater Kayaks

The AirFusion EVO Kayak and the AdvancedFrame line are primarily designed for flatwater.

They’re designed to track straight and go fast, cutting through chop on flatwater. 

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Crossover Kayaks

The StraitEdge line, on the other hand, are crossover kayaks. They have some features that are great for whitewater and some features that help them track on flatwater.

So you may say “Well, why don’t I just get a crossover kayak? They do everything, right?”

Well, there is a compromise.

Because they’re good at whitewater, they are not as good on flatwater. 

So if you’re mostly doing flatwater, you want to stick to the AirFusion and the AdvancedFrame line.

If you’re doing mostly class II or you are going up to class III rapids, that’s when you would look at the StraitEdge line.

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Best-Selling Crossover Kayaks