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Sit-in vs Sit-on-top Kayaks

How an inflatable kayak changed my life… And how it can change yours too!

In 2007  I was looking for something in my life. A new activity, a new experience, a new relationship with nature … I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for.

Kayaking seemed like the perfect opportunity, but also seemed like a huge hassle … having to get roof racks, where to put the damn thing when I wasn’t using it, hauling it on and off my car, not to mention the expense.

Was it going to be worth it???

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Just as I was stumbling along in life, paralysed by indecision, I discovered inflatable kayaks.

Of course, my first instinct was to laugh – who would be crazy enough to even consider an inflatable kayak? I imagined endless punctures, sinking in shark-infested canals, paddling furiously without going anywhere…

But then I came across the Advanced Elements range. I was so impressed – their kayaks didn’t even LOOK like they were inflatable…

The reviews online were excellent, it was clear to me that people loved their kayaks, so I decided to get one.

It was not expensive compared to a hard-shell kayak, especially considering that I didn’t have to get roof racks and could store it in a bag in my apartment.

WOW! What an amazing kayak it turned out to be! Not only were there no punctures, it glided so effortlessly through the water, I couldn’t believe it.

And because it was so lightweight and easy to set up, I found myself going out for a paddle more and more and going on longer and longer trips on the super comfy seat.

Finally, I had found that connection with nature I was seeking and satisfied my need for adventure. It really has changed my life.

It’s well over a decade later and I still haven’t had to apply a repair patch to any of my 12 kayaks. Amazing.

So can you see why I absolutely LOVE selling the Advanced Elements range? The quality is outstanding in all areas – fast design, comfortable seats, ruggedly durable, easy to set up and pack away – what a pleasure to sell.

I had been wanting to start a business for a while, but didn’t know what to sell. But when I had such a life-changing experience with my AdvancedFrame kayak, I just knew I had found my business opportunity.

If you want to experience the awesome benefits of paddling a high-performance inflatable kayak, check out our range. All of our kayaks have been personally tested by me, Emily, and I can guarantee they are all AWESOME!

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Emily, Owner

I am the kayaker. I take product testing seriously – I will only sell products I have personally tested.

I mean, it’s a tough job (especially on the Gold Coast), but somebody’s got to do it.


Lee, Customer Service

Lee is a self-diagnosed inflatable kayak convert! He’s been converted since the first time he laid eyes on them.

He’s an experienced kayaker with over a decade of time spent on the water, mostly fishing estuaries and bays, and he loves talking with others and getting them out on the water too.


Ryl, Marketing

All those videos you love? Ryl is our creative and talented editor-in-chief.

He also uses that creative flair to create all our social media posts and ads, and  helps with the website.

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Kathlene, Operations

Kathlene takes care of order processing, tracks the shipping, fixes the website, monitors stock levels… the list goes on.

A genuine jill-of-all-trades, Kathlene is an amazing problem solver –  if anything goes wrong, you are in good hands!