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If you love adventure or have long legs, the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is for you. The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak has been specially designed for speed over long trips on flat or coastal water, including multi-day expeditions. When you are miles from civilisation on your latest exploration, the Expedition Elite won’t let you down!

*** Paddle & Pump sold separately ***

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inflatable kayak advancedframe expedition ae1009 + Kayak Touring Spray Skirt.OIK2 + axis 230 4 part fibreglass kayak paddle 3 + Inflatable Kayak Rapidup Sail AE2040 Advanced Elements Kayak
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Who is the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak for?

If you love adventure or have long legs, the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is for you.

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak has been specially designed for speed over long trips on flat or coastal water, including multi-day expeditions.

When you are miles from civilisation on your latest exploration, the Expedition Elite won’t let you down!

advancedframe expedition elite kayak review

Amazing for Kayak Expeditions

A whopping 204kg capacity means you can load this kayak up with gear for even the most extreme kayak expedition.

There are D-rings and bungee lacing on the large front deck for securing gear.

There is a roll-top hatch behind the seat for quick access to gear stored under the deck.

There are d-rings on the rear deck for even more gear!

advancedframe expedition elite kayak gear 1024x768 1
oz inflatable kayaks review advanced elements 12 1024x576 1

Comfortable for Long Paddling Trips (and Long Legs)

Your back is supported by the inflatable lumbar so you are comfortable all day

Adjustable foot brace for comfort and to assist paddling technique

Plenty of leg room for tall people

The Advancedframe Expedition Elite kayak has a low centre of gravity and a flat hull. This gives you effortless stability so you can save your strength on those long trips.

Stay dry in open ocean with the inflatable coaming and optional spray skirt

advanced frame expedition elite inflatable kayak leg room 1024x576 1

Love to go Fast?

At nearly 4m long, the Expedition Elite kayak is FAST.

The drop-stitch floor helps you glide smoothly through the water.

The patented AdvancedFrame design means no waggling when you paddle.

The built-in fin helps you paddle straight.

Durable and Reliable

Don’t take my word for it!

This review from Geoff Wilson of 5th Element Expeditions shows just how tough the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is, even in the most rugged of terrain.

Backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from Advanced Elements.

Multi-layer material design for protection of the inner tubes – there is very little risk of puncture.

Durable triple layer PVC tarpaulin hull also means you don’t have to worry about damage on rocks.

The dual main air chambers are great for safety, because if one chamber of the inner tube fails, the other will still function.

Kayak Specifications

Lenght: 13′ (3.96m)

Weight: 42 lbs (19.1 kg)

Colour: Blue with orange stripes

Brand: Advanced Elements

Lakes, Bays, Inland Waterways: Yes

Coastal/Open Water: Yes

Self-bailing: No

Width: 32″ (81cm)

Maximum Capacity: 450 lbs (204 kg)

Max. Paddler Height: 6’8″

Deflated and Packed Dimensions: 32″ x 20″ x 10″ (83cm x 52cm x 26cm)

Warranty Period: 12 Months

River Class: II

Compatible with Rudder Kit: Yes

Set-up Time: 8 minutes

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite FAQs


Super fast!

It’s one of our heavier kayaks, so it takes a few strokes to get the momentum going, but once it’s going, it really zooms along.

The 4m length, the excellent rigidity and the awesome AdvancedFrame hull design give you a wonderful paddling experience.

advancedframe expedition elite kayak review


In fact, is our BEST tracking solo kayak.

Not much.

All kayaks are wind affected to some degree.

You can generally predict how wind affected it’s going to be based on the ratio of kayak above the waterline to kayak below the waterline.

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak sits quite low in the water, especially compare to other inflatables, so it performs quite well in wind.

advanced frame expedition inflatable kayak ae1009 lake paddling e1487047767110



The seat (included) has a stiff, high back, which gives you excellent support, IF you get the angle right.


The seat has inflatable lumbar support that you can inflate or deflate as you are paddling, via a mouthpiece.

The adjustable foot brace adds to your comfort by supporting your lower back as you paddle.

The kayak comes with an adjustable foot brace. A lot of paddles swear by foot braces for encouraging good paddling technique and for supporting the lower back.

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak has excellent back support – the seat backs are high and stiff and there is an inflatable lumbar cushion included for extra support.

What is the StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak good for?

advancedframe expedition elite kayak dog

Yes, if they are not massive.

The Expedition Elite kayak is quite large inside and you can unzip the front deck so they are not cramped into a cockpit.

The drop-stitch floor is very tough and won’t be a problem with dog claws.

The wide flat hull means the kayak is very stable so you won’t all go over board if your dog gets excited and makes a sudden move (not that they ever do that …).


The wide flat hull means the kayak is very stable so you can focus on fishing and relaxing.

This video is from Chasing Scale who use the Expedition kayak to make their fishing videos:


The rip-stop polyester material is extremely durable, give you the confidence that neither fish nor fishing gear will cause a puncture.

Optional kayak anchor if the fish are biting and you want to stay where you are.

230g nylon cooper anchor

Optional accessory frame if you want to attach additional rod holders, an EPERB, a fish finder, go-pro etc.

Accessory Frame System for Kayaks e1487043585802

***NOTE – to install the accessory frame on the Expedition Elite kayak, you have to cut holes in the deck and inner tube covers.

You can even put on a propeller – the ePropulsion Vaquita.


The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is excellent for taking kids, we have done it many times.


It’s super-stable, so the kids can have a nap and muck around without tipping it over.

It’s fairly long inside and you can unzip the front deck. It’s best if the child is facing you, so they don’t get whacked in the head with the paddle.

It’s possible, yes.

It’s got the high-pressure drop-stitch floor, which gives you something firm and stable to step on and off of.

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak,Advanced Elements

It’s suitable for almost all water types, including open ocean.

There’s heaps of space for gear if you are using it to transport your stuff to and from shore.

You would want to open the zipper on the cockpit before putting the kayak in the water.

**Caution – do not leave the kayak inflated on the deck of the boat. The heat will cause the pressure to rise and you could damage the kayak.

Anything from 1 hour to a multi-day expedition.

In fact, as the name suggests, this kayak was designed for multi-day trips.

The 204kg capacity means you can even take food and fresh water.

There is a large internal storage compartment and a huge amount of deck space.

The kayak is very stable with a low centre of gravity, so loading up the deck is viable.

And most importantly – it’s really comfortable!

review advancedframe expedition elite AE1009 XE


Not only is the Expedition Elite suitable for open ocean, it is the king of open water paddling!

The AdvancedFrame design helps it cut through chop, and you can put on a spray skirt to keep out the spray.


The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite is fine for class 1 and 2 whitewater, however it is really designed to paddle in a straight line, and therefore not recommended for rivers above class 2.

Who is the StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak good for?

Yes, but there are a few points to consider.

The key feature for beginners is stability and the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite is wonderfully stable, so no dramas there.

The design is so good that it’s super-easy to paddle straight.


It’s a fairly heavy kayak, which means it takes a bit more strength to get going than our lightweight kayaks. Once it’s going, however, it leaves them for dead!

And it’s quite long. This is what makes it go nice and straight, but it also means it takes a bit more technique to turn. Not difficult to learn, just something to consider.

In my experience, seniors are looking for a lightweight kayak, and the AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak is NOT the lightest solo kayak we sell.

That’s not to say we haven’t had plenty of seniors loving it, but you would need to be confident about picking up a 19kg, 4m long kayak.

The other key features for seniors are stability and ease of getting in and out – the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak ticks both these boxes.

No, the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite is not the first choice for a child paddling alone.

It’s quite heavy and long and takes some strength to get the momentum going and coordination to manouvre.

You would be better off checking out our lightweight kayaks if you were looking for something for your kid.

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak has an awesome zipper in front of the cockpit that allows you to swing your legs in and out.  


The tallest person I have fitted into the Expedition is 6’8″.

You can adjust both the foot brace and the seat to get the right fit.

The maximum capacity is 204kg / 450lbs.

This allows you to be a big person and still get good rigidity and performance.

It also allows you to load up with gear for multi-day expeditions.

advancedframe expedition elite kayak gear 1024x768 1

About the AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak

Advanced Elements have been making inflatable kayaks for well over 20 years – you don’t have to worry about quality.

All kayaks are inflated at the factory and left for 24 hours to ensure there are no slow leaks.

The main hull material used is called PVC tarpaulin and it is super thick and tough.

PVC Tarpaulin Illustration 1

It can handle dog claws, fish hooks, rocks and even oysters.

In the extremely rare case that you damage the hull, the kayak comes with a repair kit, so you can put on a patch.

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is a sit-in kayak.

You can put on a spray skirt and stay warm and dry if the condition are rough or cold.

advancedframe expedition vs expedition elite inflatable kayak cold

Of course this means that any water you get in the kayak is staying in the kayak (unless you get a bilge pump).

But on the upside, you get a kayak that glides beautifully through the water, tracks straight and is minimally wind affected.

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is a solo kayak – this means it has seating for only 1 person.

Although it is spacious, you could NOT fit two adults in it.

Taking a kid with you is totally viable though.

kayaking at hervey bay advancedframe sport kayak airvolution kayak expedition elite

Deflated and packed dimensions are:

32″ x 20″ x 10″ (83cm x 52cm x 26cm)

You can get the depth (26cm) down a bit by putting the seats somewhere else, but the other dimensions can’t really be altered.

The weight is 19.1kg and the kayak bag (included) comes with detachable backpack straps.

straitedge2 pro kayak bag

At 19.1kg, the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite is one of our heavier solo kayaks.

Most people in good shape can carry it down to the water by themselves.

But if you are not feeling strong, it might be better to look for one of our lightweight kayaks.

It’s very stable… check out this video:  

There is a fin – it is part of the hull.

advancedframe fin 1024x768 1

There is no rudder on the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak, but the Rudder Kit we sell IS compatible with this kayak.

Note that the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is easy to paddle, tracks very well and is not very wind affected, so you are not likely to need a rudder.

Yes, the ePropulsion Vaquita can be used with the ratchet straps (included with the propeller).

Vaquita Propeller 6


The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak is a sit-in style kayak, so you can hook our Touring Spray Skirt around the inflatable coaming.

This allows you to stay warm and dry inside the cockpit.

advanced frame expedition inflatable kayak ae1009 cold e1487047845648

Advanced Elements spring valves

Drop-stitch floor construction

Adjustable seat with inflatable lumbar support

Rudder Mount for adding the AdvancedTrak Kayak Rudder Kit

Inflatable coaming for attaching a spray skirt

Adjustable foot brace

Moulded rubber handles

Hard edge bow and stern

Welded seams

Neoprene knuckle guard

Massive storage compartment

Bungee deck lacing

Reinforced bow and stern

Skeg/tracking fin

D-ring tie downs

The hull is PVC tarpaulin – an extremely tough multi-layer material.

PVC Tarpaulin Illustration 1

The floor chamber is Drop-stitch.

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak,Advanced Elements

The deck and inner tube covers are rip-stop polyester.

The inner tube is PVC, with a baffle down the middle of the tube.

advancedframe comparison multiple chambers

There is an aluminium rib inside the bow and stern.

advanced frame expedition inflatable kayak ae1009 bow 1

There are rubber moulded handles at each end and some elastic bungee lacing.

I think that covers everything!

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak is manufacted by Advanced Elements (an American company), in their factory in Indonesia.

All kayaks are inflated and left overnight on the factory floor to ensure they are fully functional before shipping out.

Learn more about Advanced Elements.

How to use the AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak

You can review the instruction manual here:

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak Instruction Manual

But my strong recommendation is that you take a look at the setup video:

Note that this is for the original AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak, the Elite version has a drop-stitch floor and an aluminium deck riser, so the set-up is slightly different.

It’s about 7 minutes, 9 if you want to install the aluminium deck riser and the adjustable foot brace.

You just take off the valve covers and set the valves to deflate. Walk away for a few minutes and it’s done.

You can use the deflate function of the pump if you want to, but I have never found this to be necessary.

The StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is mostly PVC, which means you can use a towel to wipe off any water.

Fold it as per the folding instructions in the manual and it then goes back into the bag pretty easily.

It’s okay to store it a little bit wet for a day or so, but if you are going to be storing it for longer, make sure it’s completely dry.

What to buy

High pressure drop-Stitch floor

Duffel bag with detachable shoulder straps

High back lumbar seat

Adjustable foot brace

Repair kit

Owners manual

You need to purchase a pump, a paddle and a life jacket as the minimum.

We also recommend a dry-bag for keeping your gear dry.

Check out our Fishing Gear section if you want to do some kayak fishing.

Any double bladed kayak paddle will work, but I would strongly suggest getting a LONG one, so you can easily get over the side tubes. Ours start at 230cm.

Check out our range of collapsible kayak paddles.

I would strongly suggest you purchase our Double Action Hand Pump with Gauge – it has exactly the right adapters and is capable of inflating the drop-stitch floor to the maximum pressure.

Yes! Check out the awesome Open Ocean Kayak Package:

Open Ocean Kayak Package KS6089

General information

All our Advanced Elements kayaks come with a 12 month warranty. Check out the details here:

But if you have any issues after that period, still get in touch as we carry some spare parts and may be able to help out.

Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee means that if the kayak is not what you expected, you have 30 days after delivery to return the kayak for a FULL refund. See for details.

Shipping is free for orders over $99 and $19 flat rate for orders under $99.

If the product is in stock, it will ship from our Brisbane warehouse within 1-2 business days of ordering.

We use Direct Freight Express as a courier and they are usually pretty quick.

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney – overnight.

Melbourne – 2 nights.

Elsewhere… it varies. If you have a deadline, please get in touch and we’ll check if it’s going to make it in time.

For more shipping questions, check out 

We supply to some stores in Australia, you can find your nearest store here:

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Phillip J.

Learning to love the Advanced elements Elite Expedition Kayak

I have to admit that I got my first purchase of an advanced elements kayak wrong. I got the friendly people at Oz inflatable kayaks to recommend a kayak, they recommended two. Because I am a tall bloke of 188cm and 100Kg they recommended the Advanced frame kayak and the Advanced Elite Expedition Kayak, saying that because of my long legs the Elite Expedition might be the best fit. Well I decided on the Advanced Frame Kayak because it is 1m shorter and cheaper. When I got the Kayak I realised that my feet were a bit jammed in and maybe I was sitting lower in the water than I would have liked. However I took it for a paddle on the River Derwent in Tasmania and I was impressed with the ease of setup and then the way the Kayak handled. It tracked well without wanting to spin out if I stopped paddling and the speed was good. I had been concerned about how a inflatable kayak would go against sharp rocks and shells, I neednt have been because it just shrugged them off with no marks or damage. I decided that although the kayak was good, I would send it back and get the Elite Expedition Kayak. I guess this is my only gripe that I couldn't try before buying and sending the Kayak back was not cheap. Oz inflatable were very quick in sending me the Elite expedition. I have tried it in a number of conditions now and I am very happy with its performance. First of all it has plenty of volume and an adjustable foot bar to brace yourself in. The inflatable floor is like the material that stand up paddle boards is made of and can be made quite firm which you like. Once inflated the kayak is quite firm, but still a little soft if you want to lean on the side to get in at a dock (I skill I will have to master). Launching from a boat ramp or beach is simple and the boat slides in without complaint. Once in, I noticed that it slices through the water faster than my old sit on kayak and the comfort level is so much better. It feels a little odd that the boat bends when you go over waves but I have found that this is good since the front of the boat can go over a wave instead of spearing into it. I love the fact that the kayak doesn't spin around when you stop paddling, this is great if you want to cruise up to some wildlife without scaring it for a photo and not end up facing the wrong way! I small problem I would say is with the rear storage hatch, it is a flap with velcro edges and these edges dont match to the hatch very well. I have reached behind to get my water bottle out and then not been able to seal the hatch tightly. There is a secondary cover inside the hatch so you cant get too much water coming in, but it could have been a bit better made. I mentioned comfort, it is very comfortable, the seat back is high and has an inflatable lumber support. The leg room is very good and the cockpit opening quite large so you can move your legs around or exit with your feet first. Setting up and deflating again is pretty easy, I used the pressure gauge with the pump the first few times but realised that you can soon judge the pressure by the firmness of the surface or the resistance of the pump. When packing up, I deflate the kayak and then leave the boat until everything else is packed up. I then wipe down the inside and outside with a towel. The kayak folds easily and I leave it out of its bag and put in the back of the car. If I have been in fresh water, I just unfold it and lay it out in my shed to dry until using it next time. If I have been in salt water i give it a bit of rinse and then put in the shed to dry. I would certainly recommend this kayak, especially for taller people with long legs

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak Review
kevin h.

Great kayak

Great kayak easy set up and tracks well

Larry H.

Covers everything I need

I have recently purchased this kayak. It covers all I need. It is great for a day paddle and will handle a diversity of paddling locations. What I love best is the amount of gear you can pack into this kayak. It looks very likely I will be able to store all I need for a four day kayaking below the deck. Highly recommended!

Richard T.

Advanced elements expedition kayak

This kayak is the best I have ever used. It tracks beautifully and is very fast. It is the most comfortable kayak I have ever sat in. Service and support was outstanding. Thank you so much.

Australia Australia

The Expedition Elite is awesome

This Kayak is AMAZING. Having had a few inflatables before and managing maybe 5km in a session with them I could not believe the increase in performance that the expedition elite offers, on my first outing I passed the 10k mark in challenging conditions in a fraction of the time I spent with my last kayak. a month or two on I have done multiple 22km+ trips. It keeps up with rigid kayaks easily and with the carrying capacity and ability to add a skirt or get into choppy coastal waters it offers all kinds of possibilities. The weight carrying ability sets it apart from the other single seater Advanced elements kayaks and the ability to unzip the cover right to the end allows for a child or dog to come along easily. The leg room is great at 6'3" I am finding I dont need to have the footrest on the last peg and there is plenty of space inside for all the stuff you need for a day paddle before even considering the need for the ample deck space. Its not the cheapest way to get on the water, but the ability to deflate and put it in the boot means you are not limited to roof racks or trailers so shooting up the freeway is a breeze and at home it packs back into a shelf removing the need for roof mounts or shed space, so overall I think it is a better investment. I'm already planning for my first camping trip. Oz inflatable were super helpful in making the selection of this kayak and I think if you are a larger person or want to take a child with you it is an amazing option for the price.

Matt H.

Exactly what I was looking for

This is a great kayak, delivering everything it promises. You quickly notice it’s build quality and materials are a high standard. Very easy to set up and performs really well on the water, easily comparable to a hard shell kayak. Would definitely recommend the Expedition Elite and Oz Inflatable Kayaks to anyone considering this type of kayak. Emily was a great help when I was trying to decide on the right model and delivery etc was all faultless.

Richard M.

AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak

An excellent buying experience, great advice given, prompt delivery, no surprises. A great product, performs well. I have been paddling now 5 times for 2-3 hours each time and the Kayak is great. An excellent result from a kayak that I can put in a backpack. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Michael.

Max S.

Advancedframe Expedition Elite Kayak

The Advancedframe Expedition Elite Kayak is extremely well thought out and put together. Every aspect seems to have been catered for. My first experience on the water in the Expedition Elite was very memoriable and 6 hours of paddling seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. I have found that the Expedition Elite simple to set up and can be done in under 10 minutes quite comfortably. On the water the kayak is very stable and tracks well, but in a strong current and or wind can be a little cumbersone. I feel the addition of the rudder kit would aid in rectifying this problem. When the conditions are calm it is a breeze to paddle and I have no difficulty in keeping up with friends on hard shelled kayaks. Being an inflatable kayak it folds down to a suitcase size (83cm x 52cm x 26cm) so is very easy to store when not in use and can be carried in the back of a car without the worry of roof racks. If storage and transport is a problem for you I would highly recommend the Advanceframe Expedition Elite Kayak and would highly recommend purchasing from oz inflatable kayaks as Emily was wonderful to deal with and was very knowledgeable and answered every question I threw at her and the service was second to none.

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak Review
Michelle-Renee J.

Love my Expedition!

I purchased my Advanced Elements Expedition a few months ago and have been absolutely loving it! As someone who lives in a townhouse and drives a 3 door i20, an inflatable kayak has been a game changer. It's so easy to store and transport. It's a little heavy when it's deflated (maybe it's just awkward) , but once it's pumped up it's somehow much easier to carry - so I just pump it up next to my car and carry it inflated down to the water, 100-200m no worries. The Expedition is super stable on the water and I can go a pretty good speed (averaging 6km/h). I had a recent outing where unfortunately I didn't think the check the weather and on my way back it got very choppy. It was hard work paddling against the wind and waves (although I imagine that would be true of most kayaks), and I was more than a little nervous as I'm only new to kayaking, but the Expedition handled well and got me home safely. I can highly recommend this kayak to anyone who wants a high performing kayak but doesn't have the option to store and transport a traditional kayak. Also, I can't thank Emily enough for all the help and advice she provided to ensure I bought the right kayak and accessories for my needs - Thanks Emily!

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak Review
Zain G.

Bought 2 - Expedition & Standard Advanced Frame

We purchased 2 Kayaks from Emily, an Expedition Elite, and Advanced Frame. I am 6ft5 so I needed the extra legroom offered by the Expedition Elite, however my partner fits perfectly into the standard Advanced Frame model. I am very glad I went for the Expedition Elite, I can fit into the Advanced Frame version but it is pretty cramped, especially around the feet I found that it would roll my feet inwards and this would put pressure on my ankles. I do not have any trouble with this in the Expedition Elite. If you are a tall person I would definitely recommend the Expedition Elite. We have been out in the Kayaks 4 times now, once on an inland river and the rest of the time out in the estuaries around Brisbane. Both kayaks have been fantastic, they cut through the water really well and they track very straight even when paddling hard. It is important to ensure all the inner air chambers are lined up before you inflate the kayak. I had removed the inner chambers to clean them after doing a few trips, and when I refitted them I didnt line it up correctly so the next time I inflated the kayak the front was a bit off centre. It is very easy to fix this as the inner air chambers simply velcro to the inside, so I just had to deflate and then realign the velcro patches. Inflation and deflation is a breeze, I was expecting to have to pump the air out manually (especially the last bits or air) when deflating but you really dont need too. Just open up all the valves and the thing deflates itself like some sort of magic. And yes! They do easily fit back into the bags, you just need to practise the fold a couple of times, the key is to have as few folds as possible to allow for the correct length. The convenience of just throwing two kayaks in the boot of the car and heading to the water is amazing. Dont waste any more time thinking about it and just get one and get out there, you will not be disappointed.

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak Review
David P.

Expedition Elite

Easy to set up.Love the backpack. Glides much better than simple heavy plastic kayaks. No need to strap to roof

Nick J.

Service and kayak first class.

Experience with Emily was great from start to finish. Had a little bump with delivery company but all was resolved promptly and well communicated. The kayak has been fantastic and I've used it about 10 times already since getting it. So far I've done ennogerra reservoir, twin waters, lake currimundi, belongil creek and its been faultless. Easy to pump up and deflate, always catches peoples attention and an absolute treat on the water. Only managed to roll it once whilst riding a pretty large wave and going a bit sidewards so your average yakker will be steady as anything. Just one thing to remember, these are light as when dry but if you get it really wet (like out on open seas) it really packs on a few kgs and would be too heavy for a smaller person to lift in the bag. Thanks Emily!

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak ReviewOz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak Review
Karl B.

At 6'1" tall I need some leg room, and the expedition has it

I have had my expedition for almost a year now and use it on average about once a week. It mostly gets used for flat-water river paddling, but I have taken it down some very minor rapids and taken it on the ocean in 2m swell a few times. I do not have much experience with other kayaks, and that experience comes from over ten years ago, so is pretty irrelevant. Speed, handling, stability: These kayaks are super stable. My girlfriend and I both have them and neither of us has fallen out yet.Generally speaking you can get in one of these and pay zero attention to staying upright. Even paddling side on to the larger swell has proven completely fine so far. My analysis of speed is based on matching strokes with other paddlers randomly encountered while out and about. This doesn't account for the technique or strength of the paddler. Based on this very floored analysis it would appear that the expedition is significantly faster than any of the modest sit on tops, but noticeably slower than a racing kayak (no surprise there!) Storage space and comfort: At 6'1" tall I need some leg room, and the expedition has it. I have also tried the regular advanced frame and that was a squash for me. If you are 6' or above I would strongly recommend the expedition unless you are comfortable having your legs bent for the entire trip. This said if I am wearing shoes then there isn't a huge amount of space down at the nose of the kayak. It has the length but the width starts to pinch out. If I'm not wearing my shoes then I can stuff them down to the end of the nose one on top of the other and still fully stretch my legs out. There is a decent amount of space behind the seat. I often use the kayak to paddle out to snorkelling spots so will have fins, dive boots, mask and snorkel, towel, rash shirt, lunch, water, anchor, dry bag behind the seat. Inflation: Inflation is very easy on all the critical chambers. Once you have the pressures and order memorised then setup from boot to water is about five to ten minutes. Pack up is very fast, less than five minutes. I generally just fold mine up loosely and put it in the boot of the car. If you wanted to break down all the paddles and pack everything into the bag each time then it would take a little longer. Storage and transport: I store mine under a games table, it could just as easily go under a bed. Living in Western Australia I wouldn't want to store it in the garden for fear of sun damage. Transport is a major advantage of these. I have a two door four seat car and can fit three of these kayaks and three people in the car!! it's a bit of squash with backpacks as well...but it's possible and that's fantastic! Early in 2016 we flew to Tasmania primarily for a hiking holiday, but I also decided to take the kayak along since a couple of the areas visited had some rather fantastic river. This was great. I checked it in as a second bit of hold luggage and once we arrived it just lived in the boot of the rental car and was available whenever I wanted it. Not only that but I didn't have to consider if kayaks would be available for rent, and if so if they would be any good. I wish I had known about these kayaks when I lived in the UK and didn't have a car. It would have been possible to take the kayak out on public transport, jump in a river, and paddle down to the next town and get public transport home again! If you want to try something like this then I would advise buying a hiking backpack big enough since the bag the kayaks come in really isn't comfortable as a backpack. Pressure: The instructions are pretty insistent that the kayak shouldn't be over inflated and so I bought the pressure gauge that attaches to the hand pump and observe this closely, except on the combing chambers which I just guestimate since you lose air while closing them anyway. As already mentioned I live in Western Australia and it gets hot here in the summer, consistently over 40C. As such I don't like to take the kayaks completely out of the water for any length of time. Generally we just leave them half in and half out. All the air chambers are in contact with each other (except the ones around the cockpit) and so we have trusted to the water keeping them all cool. We haven't had any problems so I guess it's working. Leaving them in the water can be a bit of a pain if you're at the beach and can't find a landing spot that's sheltered from the waves. Overall: For me the combination of performance, storage, and transport makes this kayak an excellent fit. It's possible that its performance will be below that of a $3,000 hard shell equivalent, but I can't keep such a thing in my boot, I can't take it on a plane, and I would be worried about damaging it on bumpy four wheel drive tracks.

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak Review

Speedy and Straight in the Water

Love this kayak ...speedy and straight in the water ...and very comfortable to sit in marks from me

Phil T.

Have you had a chance to take the Expeditions out on the water yet?

Hi Emily! Been meaning to drop you a line, been busy here. Yes indeed. Been out a number of times now and loving it! Don't have many photos on this computer but I've attached a couple. Hoping to plan a trip to NZ or Tassie in the New Year when we have a bit more experience. It's even more fun than I thought it would be. It took me about 30 to 40 minutes to inflate both kayaks the first time, but it takes about 5 minutes each now - very easy. Took a couple goes to get the hang of the seats but now super comfy. Cheers,Phil

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak Review
Victoria S.

Ahoy me Matey!

Hello Emily, Finally managed to find some pictures for you of my partner and my kayaks on some of our adventures. We circumnavigated the Indonesian island of Gam (just west of Papua) in January, which was extraordinary. Gliding over fantastic unspoilt corals just under the surface, using the tides to whisk us up channels to Hidden Bay with limestone caverns, coral and completely alone..... Completely different but still exhilarating was kayaking the Thames river through the heart of London earlier this month. Often use the Advanced Frame Expedition kayaks to explore the Pembrokeshire coast, near where I now live. Have a lot more adventures planned with them. Great kayak and very dependable. Cheers, Victoria.

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak Review

Stable, comfortable and easy to paddle

I have had the chance to paddle the boat on flat water about 4 times now and it is certainly filling my requirements very well. I have had no trouble inflating the kayak and find it stable, comfortable and easy to paddle. With my very limited experience I have no worries tracking straight or turning the boat, it is easy to pack away and actually goes back into the bag without too much difficulty. There is always some interest from onlookers when I am inflating the boat before I launch. Cheers, Wayne

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