AdvancedFrame Kayak

AdvancedFrame Kayak
A quick and easy 1-person inflatable kayak that sets up in 5 minutes. It’s stable and easy to paddle for beginner kayakers, but fast and comfortable for multi-day expeditions. It cuts through chop easily on the open ocean (spray skirt compatible), but also glides beautifully on a lake or calm river.

oik check greenCruises beautifully in the water thanks to the patented rib-frame design – a real delight to paddle

oik check greenVersatile – good for a quick, casual paddle in calm conditions or rug up with the optional spray skirt and head off into open ocean

oik check greenStable and easy to paddle – ideal for beginners

oik check greenQuick and easy to set up – 5 minutes from in-the-bag to on-the-water

oik check greenHigh-backed supportive seat and cushy floor are wonderfully comfortable

oik check greenLighweight at only 16.3kg – packs into a bag for easy storage and transport

oik check greenQuality design and durable materials – designed to last

oik check greenIf you are above 90kg, you can certainly paddle the AdvancedFrame Kayak, but you would need to invest in a drop-stitch floor to maintain rigidity

oik check greenIf you are never going to be paddling in open ocean or cold climates, check out the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak, which has the same excellent performance in the water, but is lighter at only 13kg.

oik check greenIf you are taller than 6’2″ (or you are in that range and have long legs), you will need the extra leg room in the  AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak 

oik check greenIf you want to take a dog, you can use the AdvancedFrame Kayak, but you would need to invest in a drop-stitch floor for enhanced rigidity and protection from doggy claws

oik check greenIf you are going to be doing a LOT of fishing and want rod holders, check out our fishing kayaks

oik check greenIf you are doing whitewater above class2, the StraitEdge kayak can do up to class 3 rapids

5 minutes from in-the-bag to on-the-water!

Let’s be clear – the AdvancedFrame kayak is NOT a pool toy! Advanced Elements have crafted a puncture-resistant inflatable kayak that won’t let you down. 

multilayer construction 1.jpg

pvc tarpaulin illustration 1 1536x854 1.png

multichamber construction 2 1536x795 1.png

ae warranty new badge

FAQs – AdvancedFrame Kayak 


Length: 10’5″ (3.18m)
Weight: 36 lbs (16.3 kg)
Width: 32” (81cm)
Cockpit size: 76cm x 43cm
Deflated and Packed Dimensions: 30″ x 17″ x 10″ (76cm x 43cm x 25cm)


oik check greenLakes, Bays and Inland Waterways
oik check greenCoastal / Open Water
oik check greenReservoirs (Complies with ISO 6185-1)
oik check greenRivers up to Class II
x mark Whitewater up to Class III
oik check greenDogs (With drop stitch floor added) 
x mark Fishing (rod  holders)
oik check greenOccasional Fishing (With drop stitch floor added) 
oik check greenBeginners
oik check greenTaking small kids (With drop stitch floor added) 
x mark Self-bailing

Paddler Suitability

Maximum Capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
Recommended Max. Paddler Height: 6’2″
Recommended Max. Paddler Weight: 80kg

Accessory Compatibility

oik check green Foot Brace
oik check green Drop-stitch floor
oik check green Rapidup Sail
oik check green Lumbar Seat
oik check green Spray skirt
x mark  Foot pegs
x mark  Rudder Kit
oik check green Accessory Frame (watch the installation video first)


Hull: PVC Tarpaulin
Deck: 600D ripstop polyester with PVC laminate
Tube-cover: 600D polyester with PU coating
Tube: PVC
Rib-frames: Aluminium
Floor: PVC

More About This Kayak

Set-up Time: 5 minutes
Warranty: 3 Years
Brand: Advanced Elements
SKU: AE1012-R

AdvancedFrame Kayak Instruction Manual

oik check greenDouble Action Hand Pump with Gauge 

oik check greenSeat 

oik check greenBag

oik check greenRepair Kit

oik check greenInstruction Manual

Paddle sold separately


new check mark blank bg1 Free Shipping
new check mark blank bg1 Can be shipped to New Zealand
new check mark blank bg1 Qualifies for 90-day “Try it on the Water” Returns
new check mark blank bg1 3-year warranty
new check mark blank bg1 Stored in our Brisbane warehouse, ships in 1-2 business days.

Availability: In stock

Package Deal

  • advancedframe kayak
  • packlite roll top dry bag set
  • adventure voyage 4 part kayak paddle
  • kayak paddle leash
Total Price: $1,186.00
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“I have always loved paddling on the river and on still water but it was impossible for me to do it independently. You can’t stop me now. In less than 10 minutes after pulling up I’m on the water. The pack up is even quicker and the kayak actually fits in the bag!

Interestingly, since buying my kayak, many of my friends have invited me to join them with their kayaks and paddle boards. We are even discussing an extended trip. I live on the Murray River and there are also many lakes and waterholes nearby so I’m blessed for choice. I was born with the lower part of my left arm missing and am still able to manage my Advanced Elements Kayak with ease on and off the water. You couldn’t find a happier customer.

– Bernadette

advancedframe kayak

Cruises beautifully in the water

Thanks to the built-in patented rib-frame design – aluminium ribs that define the bow and stern and improve tracking


Good for a quick, casual paddle in calm conditions or rug up with the optional spray skirt and head off into open ocean

advancedframe kayak
advancedframe kayak

Stable and Easy to Paddle

Great for beginners!

You can take kids, dogs and even go fishing in the AdvancedFrame Kayak, but we recommend getting the drop-stitch floor for these activities.

Quick and easy to set up

5 minutes from in-the-bag to on-the-water

advancedframe kayak
advancedframe kayak

High-backed supportive seat

High-backed supportive seat and cushy floor are wonderfully comfortable

Lighweight at only 16.3kg

Packs into a bag for easy storage and transport

advancedframe kayak

AdvancedFrame Kayak FAQs


It’s a nice ride!

The AdvancedFrame kayak sits at that sweet spot – it’s not the fastest kayak we sell, but it’s got a wonderful ‘cruise’ to it.

Even though it’s only 3.2m long, the built-in fin and the awesome AdvancedFrame hull design gives you a wonderful paddling experience.

advancedframe kayak julie testimonial



For a shortish kayak, the tracking is impressive.

The aluminium ribs in the bow and stern stop the kayak from waggling and the fin helps it glide straight.

advancedframe kayak carol testimonial

Not much.

All kayaks are wind affected to some degree.

You can generally predict how wind affected it’s going to be based on the ratio of kayak above the waterline, to kayak below the waterline.

The AdvancedFrame kayak sits quite low in the water, especially compared to other inflatables, so it performs quite well in wind.

advancedframe kayak sarah testimonial

The AdvancedFrame and the AdvancedFrame Sport inflatable kayaks are the same length, width, and look like the same design… so why did Advanced Elements create two of them? Checkout our video below..


The seat (included) has a stiff, high back, which gives you excellent support, IF you get the angle right. Check out our video below..

The optional inflatable foot brace adds to your comfort by supporting your lower back as you paddle.

You can purchase the inflatable foot brace to go with your AdvancedFrame Kayak. A lot of paddlers swear by foot braces for encouraging good paddling technique and for supporting the lower back.

Inflatable Foot Brace bb

The AdvancedFrame kayak has very good back support – the seat backs are high and stiff with adjustable straps to get the angle right.

What is the AdvancedFrame Kayak good for?

advancedframe kayak with dog
Yes, if they are not massive.

The AdvancedFrame kayak is not huge inside, but you can unzip the front deck so your dog is not cramped into a cockpit.

The soft floor can be at risk from doggy claws, I recommend purchasing either the Drop-stitch floor or the Dura-floor to protect it.

drop stitch floor and dura floor

The wide flat hull, means the kayak is very stable so you won’t all go over board if your dog gets excited and makes a sudden move (not that they ever do that …).

advancedframe kayak fishing


The wide flat hull means the kayak is very stable so you can focus on fishing and relaxing.

advancedframe kayak fishing 2

This video is from Chasing Scale who use the AdvancedFrame kayak to make their fishing videos:

The rip-stop polyester material is extremely durable, giving you the confidence that neither fish, nor fishing gear will cause a puncture.

Optional kayak anchor if the fish are biting and you want to stay where you are.

230g nylon cooper anchor

Optional accessory frame if you want to attach additional rod holders, an EPERB, a fish finder, go-pro etc.

Accessory Frame System for Kayaks e1487043585802

***NOTE – to install the accessory frame on the AdvancedFrame kayak, you have to cut holes in the deck and inner tube covers.

You can even put on a propeller – the ePropulsion Vaquita.

E Propulsion Vaquita Propeller VA B000 00


The AdvancedFrame kayak is good for taking kids, as long as they are still small.

It’s super-stable, so the kids can have a nap and muck around without tipping it over.

It’s not huge inside, but you can unzip the front deck. It’s best if the child is facing you, so they don’t get whacked in the head with the paddle.

It’s possible, yes.

It’s got a soft floor, which can make it a little difficult to step into and out of. I’d recommend upgrading with the high-pressure drop-stitch floor if you are going to be using it as a tender quite often.

It’s suitable for almost all water types, including open ocean.

It’s not our biggest kayak, but there is still quite a bit of deck space and capacity (136kg) for gear if you are using it to transport your stuff to and from shore.

You would want to open the zipper on the cockpit before putting the kayak in the water.

**Caution – do not leave the kayak inflated on the deck of the boat. The heat will cause the pressure to rise and you could damage the kayak.

Anything from 1 hour to a multi-day expedition, depending on how much gear you need to stow.

If you have to pack a huge amount of stuff, I suggest looking at our AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite, which has a higher capacity and more storage space.

But if it’s not a massive amount of gear and you are not a huge person, you can definitely do a multi-day trip in the AdvancedFrame kayak.

The kayak is very stable with a low centre of gravity, so loading up the deck is viable.

And most importantly – it’s really comfortable!

advancedframe inflatable kayak ae1012 advanced elements green e1487047508982 1 9a235f4871ad5f536c67b2ff5ed4f281


advancedframe kayak open ocean

The AdvancedFrame design helps it cut through chop, and you can put on a spray skirt to keep out the spray.


The AdvancedFrame kayak is fine for class 1 and 2 whitewater, however; it is really designed to paddle in a straight line, and therefore, not recommended for rivers above class 2.

Who is the AdvancedFrame Kayak good for?


In fact, it’s so good for beginners, we put it in our Beginners Choice Kayak Package.

The key feature for beginners is stability, and the AdvancedFrame kayak is wonderfully stable, so no dramas there.

The design is so good, that it’s super-easy to paddle straight.

At 16kgs, it’s light enough for most people to lift.

The zipper on the deck makes it easy for people to get in and out.

And best of all, it’s incredibly versatile, so if you find yourself going from beginner to adventurer, you can do open ocean and multi-day expeditions in it!

advancedframe kayak mark testimonial

In my experience, seniors are looking for a lightweight kayak, and at 16kg, the AdvancedFrame kayak is fairly lightweight.

We have other kayaks that are lighter, but the AdvancedFrame does give a great balance of versatility and performance. So if you think you can handle the weight, it’s a great choice for seniors.

The other key features for seniors are stability and ease of getting in and out – the AdvancedFrame kayak ticks both of these boxes.

advancedframe kayak jeff testimonial

It’s possible for a child to paddle alone, but might be a little on the heavy side, depending on the age and strength of the child.

You would be better off checking out our lightweight kayaks if you were looking at something for your kid.

Excellent for a teenager, though!

inflatable kayak advancedframe john dillon 2 2

The AdvancedFrame kayak has an awesome zipper in front of the cockpit that allows you to swing your legs in and out.


It’s good up to about 6’2″, but beyond that, you want to consider the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak.

advancedframe expedition elite kayak testimonial

You can adjust the seat straps to bring the seat closer to the front of the kayak, or further back in the cockpit to give you more leg room.

When I say “about 6’2”, it’s hard to be precise. Whether you fit in the kayak is more a function of leg length, rather than overall height. It also depends on how you like to sit in the kayak – legs straight requires more space than legs bent.

The maximum capacity is 136kg / 300lbs.

I have found that the rigidity of the kayak starts to drop off at around 90kg, at which point I recommend getting the high-pressure drop-stitch floor. This floor dramatically increases the rigidity (and therefore performance) of the kayak in the higher weight ranges.

Drop Stitch Floor AdvancedFrame Kayak 2

About the AdvancedFrame Kayak

Advanced Elements have been making inflatable kayaks for well over 20 years – you don’t have to worry about quality.

All kayaks are inflated at the factory and left for 24 hours to ensure there are no slow leaks.

The main hull material used is called PVC tarpaulin and it is super thick and tough.

PVC Tarpaulin Illustration 1

In the extremely rare case that you damage the hull, the kayak comes with a repair kit, so you can put on a patch.

The AdvancedFrame Kayak is a sit-in kayak.

advancedframe kayak tamara sequeira

You can put on a spray skirt and stay warm and dry if the conditions are rough or cold.

spray skirt advanced elements

Of course, this means that any water you get in the kayak is staying in the kayak (unless you get a bilge pump).

But on the upside, you get a kayak that glides beautifully through the water, tracks straight and is minimally wind affected.

The AdvancedFrame kayak is a solo kayak – this means it has seating for only 1 person.

Although it is spacious, you could NOT fit two adults in it.

Taking a small child with you is totally viable though.

advancedframe ultralite kayak ae3022 g scaled 1 1024x768

Deflated and packed dimensions are:

32″ x 17″ x 10″ (76cm x 43cm x 25cm)

You can get the depth (25cm) down a bit by putting the seats somewhere else, but the other dimensions can’t really be altered.

The weight is 16.3kg and the kayak comes with a durable duffel bag.

advancedframe convertible inflatable kayak bag AE1007 e1515631804904

At 16.3kg, the AdvancedFrame Kayak is lightweight compared to a hard-shell kayak, but not our lightest kayak.

Most people can carry it down to the water by themselves.

But if you are not feeling strong, it might be better to look for one of our lightweight kayaks.


It’s very stable… this video demonstrates the AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak, but the AdvancedFrame kayak is just as stable:

There is a fin – it is part of the hull.

advancedframe fin 1024x768 1

There is no rudder on the AdvancedFrame  kayak.

Although the Rudder Kit we sell is technically compatible with this kayak, you would have to be exceptionally short for that to be viable.

advancedtrak rudder system kit ae4005

Note that the AdvancedFrame kayak is easy to paddle, tracks very well and is not very wind affected, so you are not likely to need a rudder.

Yes, the ePropulsion Vaquita can be used with the ratchet straps (included with the propeller).

Vaquita Propeller 6


The AdvancedFrame kayak is a sit-in style kayak, so you can hook our Touring Spray Skirt around the inflatable coaming.

This allows you to stay warm and dry inside the cockpit.

AdvancedFrame Kayak AE1012 R

Advanced Elements spring valves

High-back adjustable seat

Inflatable coaming for attaching a spray skirt

Moulded rubber handles

Hard edge bow and stern

Welded seams

Neoprene knuckle guard

Storage compartment

Bungee deck lacing

Reinforced bow and stern

Skeg/tracking fin

D-ring tie downs

The hull is PVC tarpaulin – an extremely tough multi-layer material.

PVC Tarpaulin Illustration 1

The deck and inner tube covers are rip-stop polyester.

The inner tube is PVC, with a baffle down the middle of the tube.

advancedframe comparison multiple chambers

There is an aluminium rib inside the bow and stern.

advanced frame expedition inflatable kayak ae1009 bow 1

There are rubber moulded handles at each end and some elastic bungee lacing.

I think that covers everything!

The AdvancedFrame Kayak is manufacted by Advanced Elements (an American company), in their factory in Indonesia.

quality inflatable kayak advanced elements

All kayaks are inflated and left overnight on the factory floor to ensure they are fully functional before shipping out.

Learn more about Advanced Elements.

How to use the AdvancedFrame Kayak

You can review the instruction manual here:

AdvancedFrame Kayak Instruction Manual

But my strong recommendation is that you take a look at the setup video:

It should take you around 5 minutes, once you have got the hang of it.

It’s about 5 minutes, once you have got the hang of it.

You just take off the valve covers and set the valves to deflate. Then just walk away for a few minutes and it’s done.

You can use the deflate function of the pump if you want to, but I have never found this to be necessary.

This video is for the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite kayak, but the process is the same for the AdvancedFrame Kayak.

The best thing you can do is put an old towel inside the kayak when you go paddling. This keeps the inside dry and clean.

You will almost certainly get some water on the deck and sides, but if you can keep the inside clean and dry, that makes things easier.

If it’s salt water on the outside, you may wish to use a washcloth with clean water to pat the deck of the kayak.

Do NOT use a hose, the kayak gets way too wet that way.

The deck doesn’t take too long to dry, then you can fold the kayak up as per the instructions.

Yes, it DOES go back in the bag!

packing away testimonial

What to buy

• Duffel bag

• High back adjustable seat

• Repair kit

• Owners manual

• Double Action Hand Pump

You need to purchase a paddle and a life jacket at a minimum.

We also recommend a dry bag for keeping your gear dry.

Check out our Fishing Gear section if you want to do some kayak fishing.

Any double bladed kayak paddle will work, but I would strongly suggest getting a LONG one, so you can easily get over the side tubes. Ours start at 230cm.

Check out our range of collapsible kayak paddles.

Pretty well any pump on the market capable of 2 PSI will work, but I would strongly suggest you use our Double Action Hand Pump with Gauge because it has all the right adapters and comes with a 90-day warranty.

double action hand pump with gauge AE2011 1 2.jpg 1 2


We offer a package deal with a $49 discount, just underneath the Add to Cart button.

General information

Advanced Elements come with a 3-year warranty on all kayaks and 90-days on all accessories. You can find details of this warranty here.

But if you have any issues after that period, still get in touch as we carry some spare parts and may be able to help out.

Our 90-day “Try it on the Water” Returns means that if the kayak is not what you expected, you have 90 days after delivery to return the kayak for a FULL refund. 

Shipping is free for orders over $99 and $19 flat rate for orders under $99.

If the product is in stock, it will ship from our Brisbane warehouse within 1-2 business days of ordering.

We use Direct Freight Express as a courier and they are usually pretty quick.

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney – overnight.

Melbourne – 2 nights.

Elsewhere… it varies. If you have a deadline, please get in touch and we’ll check if it’s going to make it in time.

For more shipping questions, check out 

Experience our kayaks through real customers, talk to an owner.

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Advanced Frame Kayak

I'm a 73 year old, who decided that I might take up kayaking as another form of recreation. I had already done some kayaking when I was younger (hard shell touring kayak) but no longer wanted the hassle of storing and lifting another hard shell kayak onto and off my car which I knew would reduce the amount of times I would be motivated to go kayaking. Therefore I thought I would look into inflatable kayaks as a possible option, believing that I would need to compromise with performance and quality. After some extensive research, I decided on the Advanced Frame Kayak which has proven to be an amazing kayak. I can't honestly say that it has quite the performance of my previous kayak which was a fairly high-end unit, but given the convenience it provides, it definitely performs as well as any mid-level hard shell in my opinion. I have to say that I am really happy with this kayak in that it meets all my expectations and more. I have no hesitation in recommending it. Amazing!

Rainer L.
Australia Australia

Great and practicable alternative

I bought the adcanced frame kayak som 1.5 years ago. From 8 outings in it, my experience is that of satisfaction, meeting what i required in a kayak. Practicability, sturdy design, good quality, reasonable speed for leasure times, boyancy is good, not too difficult to assemble or dissasemble, given a little practice of course. Just make sure you fold it together correctly. One side flip over twise and the other side flip over ones on top. I folded it ones one both sides, not being correct, easy done. This kayak can handle unsettled waters and waves without any issues other than bigger waves e.t.c. but find it equally as good in handling unsettled waters equal to many solid kayaks would. A splash guard designed to fit this fits over the inflatable edge and seems to do the job ok. I recommend this to anyone

John M.
Australia Australia

Happy purchaser

Have now used my advanced frame kayak a few times and can say that it well and truely lives up to the positive reviews. It’s gets quicker and easier to set up each time. I’ve recently purchased the drop stitch floor and foot support (I’m only 5’6”). What a difference these things make! The floor gives much better rigidity, stability and increases speed significantly. I’d certainly recommend getting the drop stitch floor with the kayak. Customer service has been excellent and delivery extremely prompt. Even though I’m new to kayaking I would think that the advanced frame will do everything I will ever need it to do. A great retirement purchase!

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Kayak Review
Kate v.

Happy Paddler!

I used to paddle regularly but have not done so for several years. It has always been in the back of my mind to start again and this time with an inflatable so roof racks are not required. This reduces the need to lift and the worry about the kayak being missing on return to one's car! After a lot of research and finding Oz Inflatable Kayaks online early in the pandemic, Emily endured many questions. and answered all patiently and professionally (good reassurance I was dealing with a real person/company rather than a scam!) but I was still wondering if the desire would last once we would be able to leave the country again post pandemic! The fact I was still thinking about it this year meant it was time to buy. Once again, Emily was fantastic to communicate with. The website also has an incredible amount of information and useful YouTube videos. My AdvancedFrame kayak arrived just on two weeks ago and I am happier than I thought I would be. It only takes a few minutes to inflate (and deflate) and once inflated, is easy to carry on one shoulder. On the water, it is really comfortable, tracks extremely well and moves reasonably fast (if desired). So far so good. Looking forward to more adventures.

Douglas S.

Great purchase

I am 70 yrs old, brand new to kayaking, being a traveler it made sense to buy an inflatable. I have taken it out twice now, and extremely impressed. It's easy to set up, easy to carry to the water. Get in & off you go. Moves so quickly requiring very little effort. I completed a 16km paddle on Wyralong Dam Qld with ease, and a 10km against the tide on Tingalpa creek. That was a little harder but not too much. I have now purchased the accessory frame for my gopro, and I will get a fishing rod holder (& fishing gear elsewhere) to do a spot of trolling. My main use is going to be accessing bush camping spots not accessible by land and doing multi day camping. I am looking forward to my first trip into the Noosa Everglades in a few weeks time. Great Kayak, Good team to deal with, good communication & quick service. Thanks Team.

Ash C.

I’ve only had one chance for a short paddle, but was very happy over all easy to set up.

Janet S.

Brilliant kayak

Brilliant kayak Stable on the water, comfortable and easy to paddle. But sadly for me prior injuries made the process of getting it ready for the water painful. I sent it back, and received a full refund. Great product though, very much recommend.

Glenn K.

Very happy!!

The kayak is great. Very stable and easy to inflate and pack away when not in use. I have been looking to buy a kayak for some time and this was the best option given I have limited storage space and didn't want to carry one around strapped to the roof of my car.

Sarah T.

Second adventure on my Advanced Frame

I am finding my new Advanced Frame Kayak to be just what I expected and had hoped for. I had my second outing today for an hour and a half, I explored the Eastern end of our Lake at lower tide, I took Binoculars and viewed the birds on the foreshore ie Pelicans, sea gulls Swans and many others. I felt very stable and one with the environment, it is so comfortable and easy to paddle and yes only takes about 10minutes to set up, disassemble, and a wash down and air to dry out before I pack it away. Looking forward to my 3rd adventure, (I am 57) and wanting to keep fit. Cheers

William L.

Advance frame kayak

I am happy with the purchase. The kayak track well. I planned to get a dropstitch floor for rigidity and a fibre grass paddle.

Tony l.

Great product

Good had no problem when I rang to change one item on my order

Simon C.
Australia Australia

Long Life

I reckon this kayak is great. I have been around and across Australia since 2008 and this kayak was my choice (being in a slide on camper). I have all the accessories but don't always use them (eg the spine). It looks as good now in 2022 as when I bought it. I left the floor in Noosa beside Lake Weyba so now its floorless :). I would say just always be away of the weather potential when on big lakes or the open sea. They blow easily and its hard work paddling into a large chop and 15knot breeze.

Tamara S.

Living the dream

Purchasing the Advanced Frame Kayak has been a game changer for me. I used to kayak back in my 20's and now being in my early 50s I wanted to start again but the thought of lifting weights to be strong enough to get a boat onto the roof of the car turned me off.... The ease at which I can now set up and pack down the AdvancedFrame Kayak, and transport it means I am back on the water most weekends, and I'm living the dream! The safety of a dual air chamber sold me, as I will be out by myself at times and on longer trips and safety is important to me. If you are after a high quality product, this is it. Be sure to take the time to wipe down the inside after use and dry it out properly. My husband who has never done water sports was so impressed he's bought an AdvancedFrame Kayak too.

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Kayak Review
Bernadette C.

Freedom on the water

I have always loved paddling on the river and on still water but it was impossible for me to do it independently. You can’t stop me now. In less than 10 minutes after pulling up I’m on the water. The pack up is even quicker and the kayak actually fits in the bag! Interestingly, since buying my kayak, many of my friends have invited me to join them with their kayaks and paddle boards. We are even discussing an extended trip. I live on the Murray River and there are also many lakes and waterholes nearby so I’m blessed for choice. I was born with the lower part of my left arm missing and am still able to manage my Advanced Elements Kayak with ease on and off the water. You couldn’t find a happier customer.

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Kayak ReviewOz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Kayak Review
Pauline S.

Love my new yak!

Purchased my single person advancedframe kayak after recommendation and have not been disappointed. Really easy to assemble/disassemble and fold up into the boot of my car for easy transport. Great handling on the water. So far heaps of fun had and more to come.

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Kayak Review
Gary P.

AdvanceFrame Kayak - great product

Before buying the kayak, I spoke with Emily a number of times who was really helpful, provided good advice and answered all my questions. The kayak and all the accessory items where delivered to VIC within 3 days, great service. I've tried out the kayak in the bay and am very pleased with it, setting the kayak up is easy and I felt comfortable and confident in it. I would highly recommend the kayak and Oz Inflatables.

Sharon P.

Great service and the video response to my questions was great

The kayak is fabulous. I’ve been out and about very easy and very stable. I’ve had a lesson and my instructor was impressed no chance of me falling out

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Kayak ReviewOz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Kayak ReviewOz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Kayak Review
Malcolm B.

Happy paddler

My first outing was on Narrabeen lake in Sydney and the kayak performed better than expected. Even towards the end of the outing when the wind picked up the kayak tracked true.

Oz Inflatable Kayaks AdvancedFrame Kayak Review
Zabdiel J.

Amazing Kayak!

I've used the kayak a couple of time now, and I can say that inflating them is getting easier, takes like 5 min. The bag was bigger than expected, but I can still put 2 kayaks on my civic hatchback and have space for 2 small suitcases. The only "problem" is that you need to let them dry before putting back into the bag, so sometimes they are on my living room

Judy S.

So far so good

Spoke to Emily before purchasing She was fantastic in answering all my questions Due to our weather down South have not yet had it in the water…but have been practicing inflating..and deflating which takes me all of 10 min to inflate with ease I am 68 have no problem at all can’t wait for the wind to stop and it warm up so I can get out there. Will add a further review when I do thanks Emily