AirFusion EVO Kayak

The AirFusion EVO kayak is amazing. Advanced Elements have really out-done themselves with this one! It’s sleek and fast, it’s lightweight and durable, and the set up has been simplified. If you have been waiting for a compact and lightweight inflatable kayak that paddles like the wind, your time has come!


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Here is why the AirFusion EVO Kayak is our top-of-the-line solo kayak:

  • It’s super fast!!!
  • Paddles like a sleek hard-shell kayak, but at a fraction of the weight.

What makes it top-of-the-line?

  • The v-shaped, narrow hull is super fast and tracks straight
  • The simplified design is quick to set up
  • The polyurethane hull is durable and lightweight
  • It packs away into a compact bag
airfusion evo inflatable kayak advanced elements ae1042 paddling1

Who is the AirFusion Evo kayak for?

  • The AirFusion Evo kayak has been designed to go fast for serious paddlers.
  • Or recreational paddlers who want to cover long distances or keep up with the group.

Goes Straight and Super Fast

  • The streamlined design of the AirFusion Evo kayak makes it super fast.
  • In fact, it doesn’t even look like an inflatable kayak!
  • Advanced Elements have used drop-stitch technology in the walls to give it buoyancy and rigidity without being bulky. It’s so narrow, it cuts through the water easily.
  • The internal pole structure gives it a v-shaped hull, helping it to track straight through the water
airfusion evo inflatable kayak advanced elements ae1042 paddling4

Lightweight and Durable

There’s no point in having a compact, high performance kayak that is so heavy you can’t lift it!

Advanced Elements have used the latest technology in the AirFusion Evo to create an inflatable kayak that is both lightweight AND durable.

Here is what makes the AirFusion EVO kayak so reliable:

airfusion evo inflatable kayak advanced elements ae1042 cutaway 1

Simplified Set Up

  • The new AirFusion Evo Kayak has a simpler set up than the AirFusion Elite.
  • The high pressure side chambers have been replaced by drop-stitch chambers. This means there are only 2 side chambers to set up instead of 4.
  • This also means that less adjustment of the chambers and the thwarts is required.
  • But what this really means is that you can get out on the water quicker!
advanced elements duffel bag scaled 1


Packs up into a bag with detachable straps about the size of a suitcase for easy storage and transport – planes, trains and automobiles, the world is your oyster!

“So easy to carry the boat to the water and it has an excellent primary stability that’s why I felt very secure sitting in it. The main chambers really provide the boat with a solid feel so paddling the boat tracked straight. No skeg or rudder. The kayak just about turns on its own length with minimum edging. There is little need to explore secondary stability of the kayak at this stage. I drive my paddle stroke from my feet, so it is important to have a solid footrest. Despite my initial concerns I found the forward thwart tube was comfortable and solid enough to support my legs to drive each paddle stroke. A bit difficult to brace the knees. The addition of thigh straps would be a bonus to assist in edging turns and pointing the kayak. I met a fellow paddler on the water who was curious about the AirFusion EVO Kayak. Turned out he was an ex 10-year veteran Sydney life guard who had paddled the complete length of the Murray River and circumnavigated Norfolk Island in a kayak. Probably knew a thing or two about kayaks? Apparently he had been watching the Evo for a few days. First time he had seen inflatable kayak but he seemed to think that the performance of the Evo was OK. Very assuring!”
airfusion evo kayak andy de francis

Set-up Instructions for the AirFusion EVO Kayak

Included Accessories

  • Carrying Duffel Bag
  • Folding Seat
  • Repair Kit
  • Owner’s Manual


  • Hybrid Aluminum Frame and High Pressure Air Chamber Design
  • Drop-stitched tube construction
  • Inflatable coaming for attaching a spray skirt
  • Bungee deck lacing
  • Moulded rubber handles
  • Optional skeg attachment
  • D-ring gear tie downs
  • Roll-top rear storage access hatch

Kayak Specifications

Length: 13′ (4m)

Weight: 32 lbs (14.5 kg)

Colour: Orange

Brand: Advanced Elements

Lakes, Bays and Inland Waterways: Yes

Coastal/Open Water: Yes

Self-bailing: No

Compatible with AirFusion Skeg: Yes

Width: 24” (61cm)

Maximum Capacity: 235 lbs (106 kg)

Deflated and Packed Dimensions: 35″ X 21″ X 9″ (89cm x 53cm x 23cm)

Warranty Period: 12 Months

River (Class): II

Compatible with Rudder Kit: No

Set-up Time: 13 minutes


Solo or Tandem












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