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The StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is ideal if you love sit-on-top kayaks, but don’t want to compromise on performance.

The drop-stitch floor gives you excellent rigidity for a super-fast paddle. The aluminium rib at the bow and the removable fin on the hull help you track straight in flat water.

The self-bailing ports give you flexibility – you can take it in open ocean or whitewater (up to class 3), and you don’t have to worry about getting water in the kayak if you are snorkeling, diving or swimming, it simply drains out.

The combination of a stable, rigid floor and the open sit-on-top style make the StraitEdge2 Pro ideal for use as a tender, for taking dogs / kids and for fishing (rod holders are included).

*** Paddles and Pump are sold separately ***

Frequently Bought Together

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 side view.jpg + ae2037 adventure voyage paddle
Price for both: $2,106.00


Summary Video


Pretty fast!

Sit-on-top kayaks are typically slower than sit-in kayaks, so I did not have high expectations of performance.

But I have to say I was impressed!

It’s definitely not as fast as the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite kayak, but it’s not too far off it and it’s certainly a pleasurable paddling experience.

With the fin on, yes, with the fin off, no.

The tracking with the fin on was very impressive – much better than most sit-on-top kayaks.

You would only leave the fin off if you were doing whitewater and needed to pivot easily in the water (the SE2 Pro kayak is rated up to class 3 whitewater).

A bit.

All kayaks are wind affected to some degree.

You can generally predict how wind affected it’s going to be based on the ratio of kayak above the waterline to kayak below the waterline.

In terms of our tandem kayaks, the StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is in the middle – it’s more wind affected than the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite kayak, but less wind affected than the AirVolution 2 kayak.


The 2 seats (included) have a stiff, high back, which gives you excellent support, IF you get the angle right.

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 seat

Both seats have inflatable lumbar support that you can inflate or deflate as you are paddling, via a mouthpiece.

The seats also have a raised bum pad, which takes the pressure off your hamstrings and lower back. 

I find the StraitEdge2 Pro kayak to be one of our most comfortable rides.

straitedge2 pro kayak adjustable foot pegs

The kayak comes with foot pegs for both tandem and solo kayaking positions. A lot of paddles swear by foot pegs for encouraging good paddling technique and for supporting the lower back.

The StraitEdge2 Pro kayak has excellent back support – the seat backs are high and stiff and there is an inflatable lumbar cushion included for extra support.

The seats have a raised bum pad so your bum is higher than your heels – this takes the pressure off the lower back.

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 seat

What is the StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak good for?


The Straitedge2 Pro Kayak has some awesome features that make it ideal for taking dogs.

The sit-on-top style gives you plenty of open space for your dogs, so they are not cramped into a cockpit.

The PVC tarpaulin material on the main chambers give you the confidence that your dog’s claws will not cause a puncture.

The wide flat hull means the kayak is very stable so you won’t all go over board if your dog gets excited and makes a sudden move (not that they ever do that …).

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 y dog


The Straitedge2 Pro Kayak comes with 2 rod holders on the back of one of the seats.

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 y rod holders

The wide flat hull means the kayak is very stable so you can focus on fishing and relaxing.

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 y fishing

The sit-on-top style means you can swing your legs over the side to help reel in a big catch from any angle.

The PVC tarpaulin material is extremely durable, give you the confidence that neither fish nor fishing gear will cause a puncture.

PVC Tarpaulin Illustration 1

There is plenty of space on board for gear, such as a tackle box, an esky, lunch etc

Straitedge2 Pro Kayak Ae3027 Top View

You can open the ports down the sides to allow the kayak to self bail if you get swamped whilst fishing.

Optional kayak anchor if the fish are biting and you want to stay where you are.

230g nylon cooper anchor

Optional accessory frame if you want to attach additional rod holders, an EPERB, a fish finder, go-pro etc.

Accessory Frame System for Kayaks e1487043585802

You can even put on a propeller – the ePropulsion Vaquita.


The Straitedge2 Pro kayak is excellent for taking kids, we have done it many times.


It’s super-stable, so the kids can have a nap and muck around without tipping it over.

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 y boy asleep

There’s plenty of space – we can fit 2 adults and 2 young children.

We have also paddled with 1 adults and 2 medium-aged children (one of them paddling).

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 y family

My tip – leave out the foot pegs, so the kids can sit facing you – this prevents them getting a whack on the head with your paddle.

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 y girl touching the water


The StraitEdge2 Pro kayak makes an excellent tender for a boat.

It’s got the high-pressure drop-stitch floor, which gives you something firm and stable to step on and off of.

StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak,Advanced Elements

It’s a sit-on-top kayak, so you don’t have to get yourself in and out of a cockpit.

It’s suitable for almost all water types, including open ocean.

There’s heaps of space for gear if you are using it to transport your stuff to and from shore.

**Caution – do not leave the kayak inflated on the deck of the boat. The heat will cause the pressure to rise and you could damage the kayak.

Anything from 1 hour to a multi-day expedition.

It’s quick to set-up for the short trips, but comfortable, fast and big enough for the big expeditions.


The StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is a self-bailing sit-on-top kayak.

This means there are ports in the hull that you can leave closed in calm water, to stay dry, or open up for whitewater or choppy open water.

When the ports are open, water that sloshes over the kayak can drain out, so you can never be swamped.

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 y after fishing

The StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is a crossover kayak.

This means it’s good for both flat water and some whitewater – up to class 3.

The fin is removable, so you can put it on to track straight in flat water, or leave it off so you can pivot in whitewater.

Note – if you want to put it on whilst paddling, you will need to go to shore and lift up the kayak.

Who is the StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak good for?

Absolutely, yes!

The key feature for beginners is stability and the StraitEdge2 Pro is so stable, you can sleep in it (but don’t …)

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 y kid asleep

When the fin is installed, it’s super-easy to paddle straight, no experience necessary.

It’s also fairly lightweight and simple to set-up, which are not critical features for beginners, but certainly make the experience easier.

straitedge2 pro kayak senior

Yes, if you are going tandem. Maybe, if you are going solo.

In my experience, seniors are looking for a lightweight kayak, and the StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is the lightest tandem kayak we sell. With 2 people carrying it, it’s reasonably easy to get down to the water.

If you are thinking of using it as a solo kayak, think about whether  you are comfortable carrying 18.6kg by yourself. For some seniors this will be a doddle and for others, it will be a deal breaker.

The other key features for seniors are stability and ease of getting in and out – the StraitEdge2 Pro kayak ticks both these boxes.

Yes, the Straitedge2 Pro kayak is ideal for a child to learn to paddle, as you can paddle with them in tandem.

It’s easy to paddle and quite responsive, so they will quickly gain confidence and strength with their paddling.

straitedge2 pro kayak ae3027 y behind view

Yes, the Straitedge2 Pro kayak has to be the EASIEST kayak we sell when it comes to getting in and out.

It is a sit-on-top kayak, so there is no cockpit to fold yourself into.

The drop-stitch floor becomes rigid when inflated, so you have something firm to push against.

It’s very stable, so you can flop in and roll out if you have to!

Almost certainly, yes, but let’s delve a little deeper.

If you are going solo, there will be no issue with leg length. You may need to loosen the seat straps all the way, so you are sitting further back in the kayak to comfortably reach the foot pegs, but overall, you will be fine.

If you are paddling tandem, it really depends on the size of the other paddler.

Each paddler can adjust both the seat straps and the foot pegs to give the other paddler more room, but if there were two exceptionally tall people paddling together, you may run out of leg room.

Given that we can fit 2 adults and 2 children on this kayak, it’s still pretty likely you’ll be okay.

straitedge2 pro kayak max capacity

The maximum capacity is 227kg / 500lbs.

There’s no maximum on an individual paddler when going tandem, but if you’re over 100kg, just make sure you put the maximum pressure into the drop-stitch floor (6 PSI) and make sure you try switching positions to see which gives you the best balance. 

The performance of the kayak depends, in part, on the aluminium rib in the bow being IN the water. If the heavier person is in the back, this rib could end up sticking out of the water, which will affect your tracking.

About the StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak

Advanced Elements have been making inflatable kayaks for well over 20 years – you don’t have to worry about quality.

All kayaks are inflated at the factory and left for 24 hours to ensure there are no slow leaks.

The main material used is called PVC tarpaulin and it is super thick and tough.

PVC Tarpaulin Illustration 1

It can handle dog claws, fish hooks, rocks and even oysters.

In the extremely rare case that you do get a puncture, the kayak comes with a repair kit, so you can put on a patch.

The StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is a sit-on-top kayak, with self-bailing ports.

straitedge2 pro kayak self bailing ports

If the water is calm, you can leave the ports closed and stay dry.

If the conditions are rough or you are doing whitewater, you can open the ports, allowing water that comes over the sides to draining out.

The downsides of sit-on-top kayaks is that they are often slower and more wind affected than sit-in kayaks, and you get wet.

The upsides of sit-on-top kayak is that they have heaps of space, you don’t feel enclosed, they can do a huge variety of water types and in the case of the StraitEdge2 Pro kayak, it’s lightweight.

People often think that sit-on-top kayaks are more stable than sit-in kayaks. The truth is that is really depends on the kayaks. All our tandem kayaks are equally stable.

The StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is a convertible kayak – this means it has seating positions for tandem AND a central seating position for solo.

Straitedge2 Pro Kayak Ae3027 Solo

At only 18.6kg, it is one of our best options if you want to be able to do both.

Deflated and packed dimensions are:

38″ x 21″ x 13″ (97cm x 53cm x 33cm)

You can get the depth (33cm) down a bit by putting the seats somewhere else, but the other dimensions can’t really be altered.

The weight is only 18.6kg, making it by far our lightest tandem kayak. So if you’re trying the keep the weight down with your vehicle, it’s a great option.

straitedge2 pro kayak bag

At 18.6kg, the StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak is our lightest tandem kayak.

It’s an ideal kayak for 4WDs, caravans, motorhomes etc. where keeping the weight down is critical.

I can carry it myself down to the water. I am 55kg and 5’4″ if that helps.

I often recommend it to people who are looking for a convertible kayak (to paddle both solo and tandem) because it is light enough for most people to carry it down to the water by themselves.

Straitedge2 Pro Kayak Ae3027 Carried

Ludicrously stable.

Straitedge2 Pro Kayak Ae3027 Paddler Standing

A detachable fin is included.

straitedge2 pro kayak fin

If you want to go straight in flat water, attach the fin.

If you want to be able to pivot in whitewater, leave the fin off.

There is no rudder on the StraitEdge2 Pro kayak, and the Rudder Kit we sell is NOT compatible with this kayak.

Note that the StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is easy to paddle, tracks very well and is not very wind affected, so you are not likely to need a rudder.

Yes, the ePropulsion Vaquita can be used with the ratchet straps (included with the propeller).

Vaquita Propeller 6


The StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is a sit-on-top style kayak, there is no cockpit to attach a spray skirt to.

2-way miliary valves

Drop-stitch floor construction

Rod holders (2 rod holders on the back of 1 of the seats

High-back seats with inflatable lumbar support

Adjustable foot pegs

Moulded rubber handles

Reinforced bow seam

StraitEdge System – unique bow design

Bungee deck lacing

Removable tracking fin

Mesh pocket

Self-bailing ports

The hull and side tubes are PVC tarpaulin – an extremely tough multi-layer material.

PVC Tarpaulin Illustration 1

The floor chamber is Drop-stitch.

StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak,Advanced Elements

There is an aluminium rib in the bow, rubber moulded handles at each end, a mesh pocket and some elastic bungee lacing.

The StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak is manufacted by Advanced Elements (an American company), in their factory in Indonesia.

All kayaks are inflated and left overnight on the factory floor to ensure they are fully functional before shipping out.

Learn more about Advanced Elements.

How to use the StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak

You can review the instruction manual here:

StraitEdge2 Pro Kayak Manual

But my strong recommendation is that you take a look at the setup video:

It’s about 7 minutes, 10 if you want to install the foot pegs.

Fortunately, the StraitEdge2 Pro kayak only has 3 main chambers and all 3 have the same valve, so the inflation process is quite quick and easy.

You just take off the valve covers and set the valves to deflate. Walk away for a few minutes and it’s done.

You can use the deflate function of the pump if you want to, but I have never found this to be necessary.

The StraitEdge2 Pro kayak is mostly PVC, which means you can use a towel to wipe off any water.

Fold it as per the folding instructions in the manual and it then goes back into the bag pretty easily.

It’s okay to store it a little bit wet for a day or so, but if you are going to be storing it for longer, make sure it’s completely dry.

What to buy

Duffel bag with detachable shoulder straps

2 High back lumbar seats (1 with 2 rod holders)

Detachable fin

2 Sets of adjustable foot pegs

Repair kit

Owners manual

You need to purchase a pump, a paddle and a life jacket as the minimum.

We also recommend a dry-bag for keeping your gear dry.

Check out our Fishing Gear section if you want to do some kayak fishing.

Any double bladed kayak paddle will work, but I would strongly suggest getting a LONG one, so you can easily get over the side tubes. Ours start at 230cm.

Check out our range of collapsible kayak paddles.

I would strongly suggest you purchase our Double Action Hand Pump with Gauge – it has exactly the right adapters and is capable of inflating the drop-stitch floor to the maximum pressure.

We currently don’t have any packages with the Straitedge2 Pro kayak, but it’s on the cards so watch this space.

General information

All our Advanced Elements kayaks come with a 12 month warranty. Check out the details here:

But if you have any issues after that period, still get in touch as we carry some spare parts and may be able to help out.

Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee means that if the kayak is not what you expected, you have 30 days after delivery to return the kayak for a FULL refund. See for details.

Shipping is free for orders over $99 and $19 flat rate for orders under $99.

If the product is in stock, it will ship from our Brisbane warehouse within 1-2 business days of ordering.

We use Direct Freight Express as a courier and they are usually pretty quick.

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney – overnight.

Melbourne – 2 nights.

Elsewhere… it varies. If you have a deadline, please get in touch and we’ll check if it’s going to make it in time.

For more shipping questions, check out 

We supply to some stores in Australia, you can find your nearest store here:

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Sue G.

Best Buy ever!

“Mum, this is the best thing you have ever bought!”……..That was the comment my adult son made when we were out on the water during a family weekend away. True. I love it and the dogs almost get that you are supposed to stay in the boat?? They just love swimming around with us! Emily was particularly helpful in advising me on the best option to suit my paddling ambitions? Thankyou. I can highly recommend oz inflatable kayaks. Great service and advice. Brilliant product!!

Brian K.

Kayak for 3 people

I wanted a kayak that could take myself, my wife and my daugher (7 yrs) with a combined weight of about 190kg. The StraitEdge2 Pro can handle over 200kg. Be careful when shopping around as one store tried to sell me the first version - rather than the v2. I looked at reviews/videos of the StraitEdge2 Pro for a few months before deciding to purchase through Oz Inflatable Kayaks. Delivery was super fast and easy. Did a test run in the garage before taking it out to a river. Easily handles the 3 of us. The underneath fin/guide is a must or you end up paddling in circles. Its quick to setup, and not hard to pack away, but you do need to allow time (20-30mins) to do it. Thats including wiping/drying it afterwards. The only negative I would have is the bag which the kayak packs into could be slightly larger. If you dont get the kayak folded just right - it can be a difficult and tight fit into the bag.


StraitEdge2 Inflatable Kayak

It is great and very comfortable

John a.

StraitEdge2 Inflatable Kayak

Hi Emily, The Straitedge 2 Inflatable Kayak... We find this kayak well suited to our needs. We are not serious "heavy duty" kayak adventurers, but rather like taking our 4 wheel drive / camping set up to a beautiful, remote location and then enjoy mucking about on a river, lake or beach in our kayak. Often we find ourselves in a location that requires some walking to the water's edge and then a difficult launch. The Straitedge is ideal for this, as we can carry it in through the bush uninflated, and being a little flexible when inflated can be easily launched over a slippery, muddy embankments. Often we are away on these trips for weeks (or months) at a time travelling large distances, and having the kayak safely, securely stowed away in the back of the 4 wheel drive is a huge advantage over having an awkward, vulnerable and expensive, "hard" kayak strapped to one's roof. The Straitedge2 is extremely comfortable for either one or two persons, extremely easy to assemble and inflate. The inflation process is much easier than we expected, although having no pressure gauge we found getting the correct pressures took some experience (we are still not sure we have it absolutely right). The Straitedge2 is easy to handle and furthermore, our dog loves it! She sits up the front, nose to the wind asserting her majesty over everything and anything. She has even, on occasion, taken a nap curled up against the front bulkhead. The Straitedge is great for lying around in whether on water or land. Our only criticism is that we find making the Kayak go straight difficult. We have found that increasing the air pressure has helped, as has our paddling technique. Each time we launch ourselves upon another kayaking adventure we find that our paddling has improved a little (mind you, our first attempts in this regard were embarrassingly feeble). John & Brenda, Melbourne

    Oz Inflatable Kayaks
    StraitEdge Angler Pro Kayak
    Price: $1,997.00
    Qty: 1