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High Performance Inflatable Kayaks

Ruggedly durable, easy to set-up, amazing to paddle. 


Geoff Wilson

Australian Polar Explorer

“The paddle dipped silently into the freezing autumn meltwater rushing southwards off the Brooks Range that surrounded us. The kayak glided effortlessly forward as, with each paddle, we inched closer to home.

Two full days of rigorous travel and seven flights from home saw us at our last point of civilisation, the small town of Bettles, population 12, well north of the Arctic Circle. Loading our inflatable kayaks, tent, survival gear, food, fuel, climbing gear and film equipment into the floatplane, I marvelled that it even took off.”


Daniel Bull

3X World Record Breaking Extreme Adventurer

“I  wanted to combine my experience at high altitude with my love of water and pursue my dream of breaking a new world record

One end of the lake allowed me to get the kayak into the water. However about 80 percent of the length of the lake was frozen over. So I forged a way through, expanding the paddling area, which took considerable time. I then paddled the official, non-stop 2.5 km (1.5 miles), taking around 45 minutes, in ice-free water.”



airfusion evo kayak

"I was so impressed with the product that I bought another one for my fiancé. I’m a fisho, and 6’4”.

The adjustable seat is great and the drop stitch floor easily allows me to stand and fish. Great portability, just chuck it in the back of the Cruiser and take it anywhere.

Very glad I spent the money. Back up service and support has be second to none. The folks at Oz Inflatables will stand by their product, there are no concerns in this department.

If you’re thinking of getting a sturdy, responsive, manoeuvrable and portable fishing platform, this is it."

-Dion W.

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Advanced Elements kayaks are rated 1st and 2nd in the inflatable kayaks category of the independent kayak review platform, Paddling.com

From in the bag to on the water in under 5 minutes – don’t waste your time fiddling around with cheap inflatable kayaks.

Patented hull designs for effortless paddling – easy to set up AND easy to paddle.

Lightweight and compact, yet tough enough for Australian polar explorer Geoff Wilson to drag across 90km of rocky tundra.

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"I have to admit that I got my first purchase of an advanced elements kayak wrong. I decided that although the kayak was good, I would send it back and get the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak instead. Oz inflatable were very quick in sending me the Elite expedition"

- Phillip, AU