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Max Trip Length

When you’re deciding which kayak to buy, it’s important to consider your maximum trip length.

(I say ‘maximum’ because some people will say “Oh, I’m just going out for an hour or two most times and then sometimes I want to do a full day.” Well in that case, you still need a kayak that’s going to be good enough for the full day, so it’s the maximum trip length that we would look at.)

As your kayak trips get longer, certain features of the kayak become more important. 

Comfort and Support

If you’re going out for a full-day paddle or a multi-day expedition, you need to know that your back is going to be supported, your feet are going to be braced that you’re going to be able to sit in that position for a long stretch without getting uncomfortable.

Fortunately, all of our kayaks are really good at that!

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The second thing is speed. The longer your trip, generally speaking, the faster you want that kayak to go, so the paddling is not too exhausting.

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And then the third feature to consider is storage. Features like deck space and maximum weight capacity matter (especially for the multi-day expeditions).

If you’re going out for a few days, you need to be able to load up your deck, and inside the kayak as well, with the gear that you’re going to need for that trip. 

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