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Cooper Kayak Anchor

Cooper Kayak Anchor
The Cooper Kayak Anchor is perfect for the Advanced Elements range of inflatable kayaks. At only 230 grams, it’s super lightweight. It’s unique design gives you an amazing hold, even through wind and tide changes. You will be amazed at this little anchors performance – check out the video in the description below. Anchor only. Ropes and accessories not included.

Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $35.00.

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Made in Australia

cooper kayak anchor
cooper kayak anchor

Super Lightweight

At only 230 grams, it’s super lightweight, but perfectly sized for use with a kayak.

How does the Cooper Kayak Anchor work?

Thanks to its smart design, the Cooper Kayak Anchor quickly and completely disappears below the sea bed and stays there even through wind and tide changes. 

The small blade on the shank of the Cooper Kayak Anchor eliminates the possibility of the anchor staying on its back, by creating a new balance point that causes the anchor to roll onto its tip and set immediately.

To protect our reef and reduce the risk of becoming permanently hooked up, simply move the shackle to the hole in the base of the shank, and use a cable tie through the top hole and chain. If the anchor does become stuck, the cable tie breaks and the anchor releases backwards without damaging the reef. The main hole should be used when anchoring in anything other than a reef.

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Anchor Specifications



WEIGHT: .5 lbs (230g)

PACKED DIMENSIONS: 26.5cm x 12.1cm x 9cm

BRAND: Cooper Anchors

WARRANTY PERIOD: 12 Months from Purchase