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Inflation And Storage

How To Deflate And Pack Away Your Inflatable Kayak

In this video, I go through step-by-step, just how quick and easy it is to deflate and pack away your inflatable kayak.

Sometimes, people are worried about getting an inflatable kayak, because they think it will take a while and be fiddly to deflate and pack away their kayak. With some brands, this IS the case, but Advanced Elements have designed their kayaks to be really quick to deflate and pack away. In this video, I am going to let you in on some secret tips for getting it done quickly and easily.

If you prefer to read, here are the steps for deflating and packing away the AdvancedFrame Sport:

  1. Release the valves to start the air seeping out – put the main chamber spring valve(s) onto deflate and un-twist the twist valves. I never use the pump in deflate mode because it is just not necessary, the kayak will deflate under its own weight.
  2. Take the seat out. If the seat is wet, maybe because you have been swimming, for example, you can hose it off and hang it out to dry. I usually do this if I have been swimming in salt water.
  3. If you have been paddling in salt water and there is salt water on the fabric, you may wish to hose it off.
  4. Pull out the floor and use a towel to mop up any excess water inside the kayak. This is usually not necessary, unless you have been swimming or have hosed the kayak.
  5. Let the kayak air dry if necessary.
  6. Pull out the flaps at the bow and stern.
  7. Fold the kayak in half length-ways. The weight of the hull will help the kayak to deflate.
  8. Fold the bow into the centre of the kayak.
  9. Fold the stern into the centre of the kayak.
  10. Fold the two halves on top of each other.
  11. Lay the bag down behind the folded kayak and slide the kayak into the bag.
  12. Fold the floor and slide it into the bag.
  13. Slide the seat into the bag.
  14. If the kayak is not quite dry, leave the bag open to allow the remaining water to evaporate, otherwise you can zip the bag up for storage in your car, caravan, RV, boat, shed, garage, spare room, closet … wherever you want!

Your kayak is now ready to go for your next paddle!

For more details on owning and caring for your inflatable kayaks, check out our Inflatable Kayak FAQs.