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Inflatable Kayak FAQs

how to choose a kayak based on length of trip header

How to Choose a Kayak Based on Activity

Want to know how to choose a kayak based on activity? This article will go through the features you need to look for if you want to take your dog paddling, go kayak fishing, travel with your kayak, paddle with small children, go kayaking from your boat, or just paddle!

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advancedframe kayaks whats the difference comparison

Comparing the AdvancedFrame Kayaks

Comparing the AdvancedFrame kayaks – now these three kayaks kind of look very similar. I mean, they’re obviously different colours, but they’re the same length, they’re the same width, and the design looks pretty well the same. So why did the Advanced Elements create three different kayaks?

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are inflatable kayaks safe

Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe?

Inflatable kayaks are portable, comfortable, lightweight and inexpensive… but let’s address the most important question of all – are inflatable kayaks safe? Before we get into the detail, I should point out that paddle sports can be dangerous no matter what kind of watercraft you are in. In fact, if we are getting philosophical, LIFE is dangerous.

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are inflatable kayaks any good 3

Are Inflatable Kayaks Any Good?

So you’re looking for a lightweight and portable kayak, but you’re wondering, are inflatable kayaks any good? Inflatable kayaks cop a lot of flak and quite frankly, I’m sick of it. Because, like everything in life, you get what you pay for. If you only want to spend $200, then your inflatable kayak will not be any good.

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Inflation And Storage

How To Deflate And Pack Away Your Inflatable Kayak In this video, I go through step-by-step, just how quick and easy it is to deflate

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