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Fun Kayaking With Kids

Here are 10 ways to have heaps of fun kayaking with kids. Do you want to take your kids kayaking, but you’re worried they will be bored?

For busy adults, kayaking is a peaceful and relaxing way to get away from it all. But for kids, just paddling along, stroke after stroke, can get a bit boring.

If you make it a fun experience, kayaking with kids can be delightful, and they are more likely to grow up into active, outdoor-loving adults.


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Here are my top 10 ways to turn kayaking with kids from a nice time into a super-charged fun experience for the whole family:

1. Swim
If you want your child to develop a love and appreciation of the outdoors, swimming in the water, as well as paddling on it will, will add another dimension to the experience. Stopping for a swim will also help burn off some energy.

swimming with kids

2. Picnic
I don’t know what it is about picnics, but they are FUN. It’s yet another dimension to the outdoor experience and it gives them a chance to run around. Plus, eating regularly keeps kids in a good mood.

swimming with kids

3. Have a snooze
Okay, I know most kids don’t think napping is ‘fun’, but it is kind of a novelty to have a nap in a kayak. The gentle sway of the kayak and the sound of the water lapping the edges is very soothing … it might just happen by accident after all the swimming and picnicing.

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4. Marine Life
Watching fish is one of my favourite things to do when I go kayaking … and I’m really just a big kid! If you stay still for a while, they swim up very close, it’s awesome! You can even take the opportunity to teach them one or two things about fish. Depending on your location, you might even see sting rays, birds, coral and crabs. I saw a couple of penguins once, which was awesome!

kayak fishing how to choose a fishing kayak

5. I Spy
I spy with my little eye, something beginning with W… Believe it or not, there is more than ‘water’ out there. This game is a great way to teach them about their surroundings and about the kayaking equipment.

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6. Camera Fun
There are some pretty awesome smart phones on the market these days. All you need is a tech pouch to keep them dry, and they can have a ball taking pictures and videos along the way.

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7. Take Friends
Friends, cousins, brothers and sisters, it doesn’t really matter, as long as they like to play together.

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8. Go With the Flow
Floating down a river or estuary when you’re not paddling is a pretty amazing experience. It’s also a powerful way to teach your children about tides, currents, wind and how rivers work.

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9. Treasure Hunt
This one takes a bit of preparation, but they are seriously fun. If you have a kayaking route that you paddle regularly, hide some ‘treasure’ at a few safe places to stop. With each bit of treasure, also hide a clue to where the next treasure is. This will keep the kids paying attention as you are paddling, looking for clues. The stops will give them plenty of chances to stretch their legs as well.

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10. Toys
Be careful with this one … they must be able to be secured to the kayak. Toys are great fun, but losing a toy overboard is very upsetting! I would also recommend taking toys that can withstand getting wet. Even better are floating toys that can be tied to the kayak and towed.

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Now that you know how to have fun kayaking with kids, you just need to choose a suitable family kayak.

Fortunately for you, I have lots of experience with helping families choose a kayak. Check out my article on how to choose a family kayak here: https://ozinflatablekayaks.com.au/family-kayaking/

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