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How to Choose a Family Kayak

Find out how to choose a family kayak that will keep everyone safe AND having heaps of fun.

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Imagine the smiles and the excitement of their first paddle! And then imagine how well they will sleep after a fun-filled day out in nature!

Taking your young children kayaking when they are little is such a wonderful gift to give them. They will learn the value of exercise, develop a love of the outdoors and you get to spend quality time together as a family. But like any kind of adventure with little kids, you need the right equipment to make it a safe and enjoyable experience for all of you.

Here are the most important features to look for when choosing a family kayak:

  • Durable – kids are great at breaking things, aren’t they? Your kayak is a pretty expensive item for them to be honing their product testing skills on, so make sure you get a kayak that can take a beating.
  • Stable – stability is important when kayaking with kids for a few reasons: – A stable kayak is easy to step in and out of and it’s a big step for a little person. – A stable kayak is less likely to capsize – even though the kids should be wearing PFDs at all times, it would still be pretty scary if you capsized and they were dumped in the water. – The kids are less likely to fall out of a stable kayak because it is forgiving of sudden movements. – The kids don’t need to stay perfectly still while you are paddling – they can move about (as they do) and it won’t disrupt your paddling.
  • Spacious – because kids love being cramped into small spaces for hours at a time … NOT
  • Comfortable – to really relax and enjoy the experience, instead of whinging the whole time, children need to be comfortable in the kayak. Ideally, you want a kayak that they can lie down in and have a nap.
  • Dry and sheltered – nobody is happy when they are cold, especially not children. Go for a sit-in style kayak – they are generally dry and the cockpit provides protection from the wind.

At Oz Inflatable Kayaks we love to see young families going kayaking together! To help make it happen for as many families as possible, we created the Family Fun Kayak Package with a kayak that has all these features, as well as being fast and easy to paddle.

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