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Inflatable & Pole-Free Setup

This super lightweight and compact Summer Shower Enclosure is perfect for camping and caravaning. The pole-free setup means you can quickly and easily have privacy for your nice hot shower.

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Privacy Without the Hassle - Simply Inflate and Hang

Summer Shower Enclosure

No poles, just inflate and hang.

This ultra-simple design will save you from arguments!

You simply inflate the top chamber, then inflate the bottom chamber, then hang it up with your solar shower.

Ahh, sweet privacy!

Secure the Summer Shower in Windy Conditions

Summer Shower Enclosure

Don’t want your Summer Shower Enclosure to be flapping in the wind?

Use the sturdy grommets on each bottom corner to peg it down.

Compact for Storage and Travel

Packed and Deflated Dimensions:
30 x 23 x 8 cm
2 kg
Inflated and Hung Dimensions:
76 x 76 x 168 cm

Privacy and Easy Access

summer shower enclosure inside

The Summer Shower Enclosure has easy-open vinyl button snaps, so you can be sure of your privacy.

Want to know what’s going on while you’re in the shower?

The enclosure comes with a see-through port hole so you can see what’s happening without having to open the door.

Stay out of the breeze and maintain your privacy, without being cut off from the world.

Shelter from the Wind in the Summer Shower Enclosure



2 kg


30 x 23 x 8 cm


76cm x 76cm x 168cm

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