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SUP and Kayak Propeller

Want a powerful and reliable SUP or kayak propeller?

At Oz Inflatable Kayaks we stock the Electrafin and related accessories from Current Drives.

  • They produce the best SUP / Kayak Propeller on the market.
  • Why are they the best?
  • They are more powerful than other kayak propellers.
  • They have a longer battery life.
  • They are more reliable than other kayak propellers.
  • They are backed by a 12 month warranty from Current DrivesĀ 
  • Using the glue-on fin mount, they can be adapted to almost any kayak or SUP on the market.

Don’t go for a cheaper brand! You will regret it when you are stranded out to sea because your kayak propeller has run out of juice (or just stopped working).