Physical Benefits Of Kayaking For Women

physical benefits of kayaking for women

Kayaking isn’t just heaps of fun … check out these little-known physical benefits of kayaking for women.

When you think of kayaking, you might be thinking of having fun, getting some fresh air, and enjoying nature. But that’s not all there is to it! The physical benefits of kayaking for women are plentiful and often over-looked.

Here are some awesome physical benefits of kayaking for women:

  • Toned arms and shoulders – Get Michelle Obama arms! Kayaking will tone your arms and shoulders, without beefing them up.
  • Core strength – all the balancing and rotating you do when you are kayaking improves your core strength. Good core strength isn’t just about looking slim, it is also important for your back and for preventing injury.
  • Sexy décolletage – If you want to show off a gorgeous necklace with a low cut top, kayaking will develop your pecs so you have a sexy décolletage.
  • Vitamin D – According to Deakin University, a whopping 39% of Australian women suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Want to keep your vitamin D levels up with exposure to sunshine? Kayaking will get you out of the house and enjoying the sun (but make sure you are sun safe).
  • Cardiovascular fitness – kayaking is a delightful way for women to get some low to medium intensity cardiovascular exercise, which is great for your health in so many ways. It’s so enjoyable that you can often end up exercising for hours without even realising it … compare that to going to the gym!

Are you ready to improve your health and looks, but you need a kayak? I can help you!

Not all kayaks are suitable for women. If you want to have a good time and be able to go out on your own, you really need to choose wisely.

Fortunately, I have over a decade of experience in this area and can guide you towards a perfect kayak.

Click HERE for more information on lightweight kayaks for women

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