kayaking on saltwater creek at monterey keys thongs

Although clouds were threatening, the air was so calm, I couldn’t resist a quick early paddle.

We put the inflatable kayaks into Saltwater Creek at the end of Condamine Cres, River Downs.  River Downs Park has a boat ramp and some car parking.

Monterey Keys Kayaking Map

Jacob had his Adventure kayak (minus the seat which was accidently left at home) and I had my Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak.

Emily Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak Side on

Emily Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak Front On

The tide had just turned and was heading in, so we went against it to start with so the paddle home would be easy.

There was no wind, so the paddle against the tide was fairly easy.

As we cruised along we enjoyed the peace and quiet.  It’s a 6 knot area, so only 2 boats passed us the whole time we were out there.

The northern side is a strip of park along a quite road and the southern side has waterfront properties until the Monterey Keys weir and then it’s undeveloped grass.

There were some interesting birds around (sorry, my ornithology is very limited), and we even saw a couple of kangaroos chillin’ under the trees next to the creek.

It was a very relaxing paddle.

Kangaroo Ears

After about 45 minutes or so, we turned back and let the tide take us back to the boat ramp.

Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak Bow with Thongs

Despite the muddy water (it’s deep into esturine mangrove territory), it is a beautifully peaceful area for kayaking, and for those at the northern end of the coast, it’s not too far to go

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