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Benefits of Kayak Paddling for Fitness and Exercise

So you’ve decided to get some exercise and you are wondering what kayaking has to offer.

Lots! There are so many benefits of kayak paddling for fitness and exercise, but life is short so I have listed just a few here for you.

Here is what makes kayaking an ideal way to exercise:

  • Kayaking is heaps of fun! Gliding along water is an awesome feeling that will keep you going back for more.
  • Paddling is great for your back – kayaking builds your crucial core strength muscles and requires repeated torso rotation, both of which will help you maintain a strong and flexible back into your senior years.
  • Stress reduction – Being out in nature, getting some sunshine and fresh air, being amongst birds and fish in beautiful settings – these all boost your mood and help you deal with stress better.
  • Exploration & adventure – discovering new places is exciting and multi-day expeditions give you a sense of achievement.
  • Cardio – kayaking uses so many of your muscles, it is really a full body workout, which means your cardio vascular system is getting a good workout as well. This sets you up for better health and better endurance.
  • Sexy body – paddling targets your lats, pecs and abs, giving you a sexy v-shaped back and a narrow waist. This is a very sexy look for both men and women.
  • Social – there is plenty of space on the water, so you can kayak 2 or 3 abreast with friends and have a chat along the way. There are also plenty of canoe clubs and kayaking meet-up groups where you can go for a paddle and enjoy a coffee afterwards. Not only might you make some new friends, you are much more likely to show up for some exercise if you are meeting others.
You’re probably keen to get going, but to get a good workout from kayak paddling, you need a fast kayak.

There are some very specific features you MUST look for if you want a fast kayak. Luckily for you, I have an article all about how to choose a fast kayak, which you can access here:

Click HERE for all the details on how to choose a fast kayak

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