Kayak Care

How to Clean and Pack Away my Kayak

Use a bucket of fresh water and a wash cloth to remove any dirt, sand or salt water.

Use a towel to mop out the excess water and let it air dry before packing away for extended periods.

Kayak Folding Instructions

For the AdvancedFrame Kayak

For the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite

For the StraitEdge2 Kayak

For the StraitEdge Kayak

How should I store my inflatable kayak?

When storing for an extended period of time, we recommend storing your kayak deflated in a cool dry area, out of direct sunlight. All Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks come with a bag for protection from dust and critters.

Can I store my kayak fully inflated?

It is not recommended. It doesn’t take much heat to cause the air pressure in the chambers to increase, which can damage your kayak.

If you have finished kayaking but you are not packing up straight away, you MUST release the pressure from the chambers. Even if the kayak is not in direct sunlight, it can still get quite hot.

Can I use a UV fabric protector?

If you would like to use a spray protector, we would recommend UV TECH from McNett. This is the best on the market, and their tests show that it extends the life of fabrics that are used in sunlight for extended periods.

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