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AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak vs AdvancedFrame Elite Kayak

The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport Elite and AdvancedFrame Elite kayaks share many similarities, but there are a few key differences to consider:

Both kayaks feature the patented AdvancedFrame design with aluminum ribs in the bow and stern, which helps them cut through the water efficiently with minimal weathercocking. The drop-stitch floor also provides excellent rigidity, stability, and speed for their relatively short 10.5-foot length.

af elite vs af sport elite performance

Performance on the water

Cockpit Design

The main difference is the cockpit design. The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite has a wide, open cockpit, while the AdvancedFrame Elite has a smaller cockpit with inflatable coaming that allows the use of a spray skirt. This makes the Elite better suited for rougher conditions, open water, and multi-day trips where you may want the extra protection of a spray skirt.

af elite vs af sport elite cockpit2
The AdvancedFrame Elite is slightly heavier at 16 kg compared to the Sport Elite’s 13 kg. This is partly due to the additional inflatable coaming around the cockpit, but also because the Elite has a dual-chamber inner tube design for added safety and rigidity. In terms of durability, both kayaks use high-quality materials like rip-stop polyester and triple-layer PVC. However, the dual-chamber design of the Elite provides an extra layer of redundancy in case of a puncture.
af elite vs af sport elite weight

Weight and Durability


The choice between the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite and AdvancedFrame Elite comes down to your intended use. If you primarily paddle in calm conditions and don’t need a spray skirt, the lighter Sport Elite is an excellent option. But if you want the versatility to handle rougher waters or plan to do multi-day trips, the AdvancedFrame Elite’s spray skirt compatibility and added safety features may be worth the slightly higher weight.