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"I’ve had my AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak for nearly 2 months now and want to thank you for your helping in choosing something that would suit me."

“I’ve had my AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak for nearly 2 months now and want to thank you for your helping in choosing something that would suit me.

Over the 2 months, I have been going out about twice each week and I’ve spent 30 hours in the boat covering 140 km in that time.

It has been beautiful to explore all the rivers in our area, especially in the quiet of the early morning.

I’ve included a couple of photos for you.

I thought I’d give you my feedback so far in case it is of assistance as you advise others on their choices.

So far I have been very happy with the kayak.

I find that it is quick and easy to set up, although I’ve taken to pumping up the main chamber, then taking a rest by putting the paddle together and getting my things ready before then pumping up the floor.

Gives my muscles/back a bit of a rest from the pumping action.

I find the handling (tracking, glide) of the kayak nice and have no trouble at all going in a straight line and whenever I stop paddling it just seems to keep on gliding on which is lovely while listening to birds along the way.

I love the Velcro paddle holders on the sides.

Years of trying to manage both a kayak and a paddle now resolved to just one item to carry!

I do get a ‘numb bum’ after about an hour or so of paddling but haven’t yet bought a foam cushion as you suggested.

Instead I perfected the flat water technique of getting up on to my knees and paddling in that position for a while (not so good in rougher water).

In fact now, my behind is a bit more tolerant and I can just reposition myself a bit for a break.

Mostly I paddle slowly (about 4kmph) around the rivers admiring the scenery, watching birds and fish… and the kayak is great for that.

When someone goes by on a rigid, sleek kayak or surf ski they overtake me effortlessly and I wouldn’t have a hope of keeping up.

It seems that when I put more effort into paddling the kayak doesn’t really ‘get up’ and give me back a reward for my effort.

I think that is to be expected for the craft and you did mention that there are other models that would respond better.

That said, for my purposes, I am happy to just relax and enjoy the view.

The extremely shallow draft is great for exploring creek heads. It seems like I can still float in only a couple of inches of water.

I have been getting in and out of the kayak using pontoon jetties that are available in our area (I am lucky, I have 5 locations with pontoon jetties within a half hour drive).

This means that I can get in and out without getting my feet wet as the kayak is very stable.

The ‘drip shields’ on the paddle also stop me from getting wet.

So overall, I can go for a long paddle and not get at all wet which I think will be a bonus in winter when I want to wear warm clothes.

One thing the kayak has been excellent for is just breaking the barrier to ‘getting out there’.

I can handle it by myself, I can put it in my car (no roof racks), I can inflate it myself.

So (as you can see) I’ve been using it a lot.

Lots of people ask me about the kayak when they see it, although I also see a number of other brands of inflatable kayak around, but I tell everyone about your business and recommend your service and kayaks because I have been very happy with mine.”

– Jacqueline

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