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Looking for a lightweight kayak that does not compromise on performance? The Lightweight Deluxe Kayak Package allows you to use proper paddling technique for a full day’s paddle, but weighs in at only 13kg and sets up in under 5 minutes. Durable enough for dogs, kids and fishing.

Who is the Lightweight Deluxe Kayak Package for?

Paddlers who need (or want) a lightweight kayak and:

Here’s why this is a top-notch lightweight kayak

AdvancedFrame Design

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak performs well on the water, thanks to the aluminium ribs inside the kayak . These ribs give the kayak a vertical bow and stern that prevent ‘waggle’ as you paddle.

It also has a built in fin on the hull that helps the kayak track straight.

Note that this kayak is designed for sheltered flat water – it is not suitable for whitewater and does not have an open water classification.

Drop-Stitch Floor

ds drop stitch floor advancedframe inflatable kayak advanced elements 590 1024x590 1

Drop-stitch is a chamber that is stitched top-to-bottom all the way through, so you can inflate it to very high pressure, but it maintains its shape.

The drop-stitch floor improves the performance of the kayak by giving you exceptional rigidity, especially when you are over 90kg.

The rigidity means the kayak travels through the water faster because there is less drag, AND it means the bow and stern stay IN the water, allowing the AdvancedFrame aluminium rib system to do its job.

It also gives you ‘chines’ in the hull – this is a fancy kayak word for corners. These corners help the kayak to track straight.

Stable and Wide-Open Cockpit

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite is a sit-in kayak, but it has a much bigger cockpit than most sit-in kayaks. 

This wide-open cockpit makes it much easier to get in and out of.

If you are a beginner, you will love the Lightweight Deluxe Kayak Package – the stability and the straight tracking make it a doddle to paddle.

It’s also great because it gives you plenty of room for dogs, small kids and for fishing gear.

The kayak is also STABLE enough for dogs, kids and fishing – sudden movements from an unpredictable element might cause you to capsize in a narrow kayak, but the AdvancedFrame Sport is wide enough to handle surprises!

Foot Brace

inflatable kayak foot brace AE2012.main

The Foot Brace that comes with the Lightweight Deluxe Kayak Package allows you to brace your feet so you can use proper paddling technique. This technique isn’t just about going faster, it also gives you a better, full-body work out, and saves your back.


MultiChamber Construction 2
MultiLayer Construction 1
PVC Tarpaulin Illustration 1

All of the Advanced Elements kayaks that we sell are ruggedly durable from the outside – you don’t have to worry about punctures from submerged objects.

Not only does the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak have multiple layers protecting the inner tube, the outer hull is made from thick, multi-layered PVC Tarpaulin.

What sets the Lightweight Deluxe kayak package apart is the durability INSIDE the kayak. If you want to take your dog(s) or do a bit of fishing, the drop-stitch floor is tough as nails. No need to worry about claws or hooks!

All products are covered by the Advanced Elements 12 month’s warranty.

Lightweight and Quick Set-up

advancedframe convertible inflatable kayak bag AE1007 e1515631804904

Many people contact me looking for a lightweight kayak, it just makes the process of going kayaking so much more appealing if you don’t have to lift a really heavy boat.

It’s appealing for people that want to go kayaking alone – if the kayak is lightweight and easy to set up, you’re more likely to enjoy the peace and quiet of solo kayaking.

And then of course, there are those customers who need a portable kayak for travel and have a weight constraint.

With the Lightweight Deluxe Kayak Package, the kayak is 13kg, which is manageable for most people.

Bear in mind that you don’t want your inflatable kayak to be too light, because you need a bit of weight for durability and performance.

The set-up time is 5 minutes from in-the-bag to on-the-water.

And if you’re someone who struggles with instructions, it’s REALLY simple!

AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak Review Kat

AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak Specifications

advancedframe sport elite kayak ae1017 oe



Surprisingly fast!

Advanced Frame Sport kayak

The high-pressure drop-stitch floor (included) gives you excellent rigidity and a very smooth hull bottom, so you glide through the water gracefully.

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak sits at that sweet spot – it’s not the fastest kayak we sell, but it’s got a wonderful ‘glide’ to it.

Even though it’s only 3.2m long, the built-in fin and the awesome AdvancedFrame hull design give you a wonderful paddling experience.

advancedframe sport kayak frances testimonial


For a shortish kayak, the tracking is impressive.

The high-pressure drop-stitch floor plays a big part in this. The enhanced rigidity helps the kayak glide through the water smoothly.

ds drop stitch floor advancedframe inflatable kayak advanced elements 590 1024x590 1

The aluminium ribs in the bow and stern stop the kayak from waggling and the fin helps it glide straight.

advancedframe sport elite kayak christine pfitzner 2


Not much.

All kayaks are wind affected to some degree.

You can generally predict how wind affected it’s going to be based on the ratio of kayak above the waterline to kayak below the waterline.

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite is a sit-in kayak, so it sits quite low in the water, especially compare to other inflatables, so it performs quite well in wind.

advancedframe sport kayak tracking

If you are lightweight, consider putting a bit less pressure into the floor chamber – you want to find that sweet spot where you get good rigidity, but the kayak is sitting as low in the water as possible.

The AdvancedFrame and the AdvancedFrame Sport inflatable kayaks are all the same length width and look like the same design… so why did Advanced Elements create two of them??

AdvancedFrame Kayak vs AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak from Advanced Elements


The seat (included) has a stiff, high back, which gives you excellent support, IF you get the angle right.

High Back Kayak Seat in the Advanced Elements Kayaks

The seat includes an inflatable cushion for extra lumbar support – you can blow it up as you are paddling via a tube with a mouth piece.

The included inflatable foot brace adds to your comfort by supporting your lower back as you paddle.

Inflatable Foot Brace bb

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak comes with the inflatable foot brace. A lot of paddlers swear by foot braces for encouraging good paddling technique and for supporting the lower back.

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak has very good back support – the seat back is high and stiff with adjustable straps to get the angle right. It also includes inflatable lumbar support.

advancedframe sport elite kayak christine pfitzner 2

What is the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak good for?


advancedframe sport inflatable kayak marie salinger

Yes, if they are not massive.

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak is not huge inside, but it has an over-sized cockpit, which means there might be enough space for both of you, depending on the size of the dog (and you).

The drop-stitch floor inside the kayak is super tough, you do not need any reinforcement.

The wide flat hull means the kayak is very stable so you won’t all go over board if your dog gets excited and makes a sudden move (not that they ever do that …).


The wide flat hull means the kayak is very stable so you can focus on fishing and relaxing.

This video is from Chasing Scale who use the AdvancedFrame kayak (very similar to the Sport Elite kayak) to make their fishing videos:

Epic Western Australia Fly Fishing Road Trip Adventure

The rip-stop polyester material is extremely durable, give you the confidence that neither fish nor fishing gear will cause a puncture.

Optional kayak anchor if the fish are biting and you want to stay where you are.

230g nylon cooper anchor

Optional accessory frame if you want to attach additional rod holders, an EPERB, a fish finder, go-pro etc.

Accessory Frame System for Kayaks e1487043585802

***NOTE – to install the accessory frame on the AdvancedFrame Sport elite kayak, you have to cut holes in the deck and inner tube covers.

You can even put on a propeller – the ePropulsion Vaquita.

E propulsion Vaquita Propeller


The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak is good for taking kids, as long as they are still small.

kayaking at hervey bay advancedframe sport kayak airvolution kayak selfie

It’s super-stable, so the kids can have a nap and muck around without tipping it over.

It’s not huge inside, but the cockpit is over-sized, so there’s enough room for both of you, as long as it’s a small child.

Yes, it’s a good choice for at tender, as long as you are not in open ocean.

It’s got the high-pressure drop-stitch floor which makes it easy to step into and out of.

The wide-open cockpit also makes it easy to step in and out of.

It’s not our biggest kayak, but there is still quite a bit of deck space and capacity (113kg) for gear if you are using it to transport your stuff to and from shore.

**Caution – do not leave the kayak inflated on the deck of the boat. The heat will cause the pressure to rise and you could damage the kayak.

Although it performs well in chop, it is not rated for open ocean.

It’s fast and comfortable enough for anything from 1 hour to a full-day trip.

You could technically do a multi-day expedition, you just don’t have a huge amount of deck space for storage of gear.

If you have to pack a huge amount of stuff, I suggest looking at our AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite, which has a higher capacity and more storage space.

review advancedframe expedition elite AE1009 XE


Although the AdvancedFrame design helps it cut through chop very well, you can NOT put on a spray skirt to keep out the waves.

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite is also a bit different from the AdvancedFrame kayak – it only has one main chamber in the inner tube, not two. For this reason, it is suggested you don’t go more than 50 metres from shore in this kayak.


The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak is fine for class 1 and 2 whitewater, however it is really designed to paddle in a straight line, and therefore not recommended for rivers above class 2.

Who is the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak good for?


This is an AWESOME kayak for beginners!

The key feature for beginners is stability and the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak is wonderfully stable, so no dramas there.

The design is so good that it’s super-easy to paddle straight.

At 13kgs it’s light enough for most people to lift.

The wide-open cockpit makes it easy for people to get in and out.

kayaking at yacht st to broadwater parklands advancedframe sport kayak buildings in sight

Yes! In fact, I would say it’s the BEST kayak we have for seniors.

In my experience, seniors are looking for a lightweight kayak, and at 13kg, the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak definitely ticks that box.

The other key features for seniors are stability and ease of getting in and out – the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite is extremely stable and the wide open cockpit makes it easy to get in and out of.

advancedframe sport kayak annette ritchie 3

Yes, depending on the age and strength of the child, of course.

It’s light, stable and easily manouverable, which are the key features for kids when they are learning to paddle independently.

My very slight daughter at 6 years old can paddle it, but only just. If a strong wind came up, she would struggle.

advancedframe sport kayak david cran

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite is a sit-in kayak, so you do have to get your legs in and out of the cockpit.

But having said that, the cockpit is over-sized and the kayak is very stable, so it’s pretty easy.

advancedframe sport kayak peter testimonial


It’s good up to about 6’2″, but beyond that, you want to consider the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite kayak.

You can adjust the seat straps to bring the seat closer to the front of the kayak, or further back in the cockpit to give you more leg room.

When I say “about 6’2″”, it’s hard to be precise. Whether you fit in the kayak is more a function of leg length, rather than overall height. It also depends on how you like to sit in the kayak – legs straight requires more space than legs bent.

advancedframe expedition elite kayak testimonial

The maximum capacity is 113kg / 250lbs. I have found that the drop-stitch floor greatly enhances the rigidity of the kayak, so you really can go up to the maximum capacity.  
Performance of the AdvancedFrame and the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayaks, with and without the DS floor

About the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak

Advanced Elements have been making inflatable kayaks for well over 20 years – you don’t have to worry about quality.

All kayaks are inflated at the factory and left for 24 hours to ensure there are no slow leaks.

The main hull material used is called PVC tarpaulin and it is super thick and tough.

PVC Tarpaulin Illustration 1

The floor is high quality drop-stitch, also extremely tough:

ds drop stitch floor advancedframe inflatable kayak advanced elements 590 1024x590 1

In the extremely rare case that you damage the hull, the kayak comes with a repair kit, so you can put on a patch.

Yes, it’s a sit-in kayak.

advancedframe sport kayak toni case

The cockpit is over-sized for easy entry and exit, so you can NOT put on a spray-skirt.

But in most conditions you will stay dry.

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak is a solo kayak – this means it has seating for only 1 person.

Although it is spacious, you could NOT fit two adults in it.

Taking a small child with you is totally viable though.

kayaking at hervey bay advancedframe sport kayak airvolution kayak selfie

Deflated and packed dimensions are:

76cm x 43cm x 20cm

You can get the depth (20cm) down a bit by putting the seats somewhere else, but the other dimensions can’t really be altered.

The weight is 13.3kg and the kayak comes with a durable duffel bag.

advancedframe convertible inflatable kayak bag AE1007 e1515631804904

At 13.3kg, the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak is one of our lightest kayaks.

Most people can carry it down to the water by themselves.

advancedframe sport elite kayak being carried

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak is very stable.

advancedframe sport kayak wendy testimonial

There is a fin – it is part of the hull.

advancedframe fin 1024x768 1

There is no rudder on the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak.

Although the Rudder Kit we sell is technically compatible with this kayak, you would have to be exceptionally short for that to be viable.

Note that the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak is easy to paddle, tracks very well and is not very wind affected, so you are not likely to need a rudder.

Yes, the ePropulsion Vaquita can be used with the ratchet straps (included with the propeller).

Vaquita Propeller 6


The cockpit is too big and there is no inflatable coaming.

• Advanced Elements spring valves

• High-back adjustable seat with inflatable lumbar support

• Moulded rubber handles

• Hard edge bow and stern

• Welded seams

• Neoprene knuckle guard

• Storage compartment

• Bungee deck lacing

• Reinforced bow and stern

• Skeg/tracking fin

• Inflatable Foot Brace

• High-pressure drop-stitch floor

• D-ring tie downs

The hull is PVC tarpaulin – an extremely tough multi-layer material.

PVC Tarpaulin Illustration 1

The floor is high quality drop-stitch.

ds drop stitch floor advancedframe inflatable kayak advanced elements 590 1024x590 1

The deck and inner tube covers are rip-stop polyester.

The inner tube is PVC.

There is an aluminium rib inside the bow and stern.

advanced frame expedition inflatable kayak ae1009 bow 1

There are rubber moulded handles at each end and some elastic bungee lacing.

I think that covers everything!

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak is manufacted by Advanced Elements (an American company), in their factory in Indonesia.

quality inflatable kayak advanced elements

All kayaks are inflated and left overnight on the factory floor to ensure they are fully functional before shipping out.

Learn more about Advanced Elements. 

The AdvancedFrame Sport Elite is a custom model, manufactured only for Oz Inflatable Kayaks in Australia.

How to use the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak

You can review the instruction manual here:

AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak Instruction Manual

But my strong recommendation is that you take a look at the setup video (this video is for the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak, note that for the Sport Elite there is a drop-stitch floor and an inflatable foot brace.):

How to inflate the AdvancedFrame Sport inflatable kayak AE1017-O

It should take you around 5 minutes, once you have got the hang of it.

It’s about 5 minutes, once you have got the hang of it.

You just take off the valve covers and set the valves to deflate. Walk away for a few minutes and it’s done.

You can use the deflate function of the pump if you want to, but I have never found this to be necessary.

How To Clean and Pack Away Your Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak

The best thing you can do is put an old towel inside the kayak when you go paddling. This keeps the inside dry and clean.

You will almost certainly get some water on the deck and sides, but if you can keep the inside clean and dry, that makes things easier.

If it’s salt water on the outside, you may wish to use a wash cloth with clean water to pat the deck of the kayak.

Do NOT use a hose, the kayak gets way too wet that way.

The deck doesn’t take too long to dry, then you can fold the kayak up as per the instructions.

Yes, it DOES go back in the bag!

advancedframe sport kayak li lin testimonial

What's included & what to buy

AdvancedFrame Sport Elite Kayak

advancedframe sport elite kayak ae1017 oe

Adventure Voyage 4-Part Paddle

AE2037AdventureVoyagePaddle LftBlade 540x

Double Action Hand Pump with Gauge

double action hand pump with gauge ae2011

PackLite Roll Top Dry Bag Set

Packlite Roll Top Dry Bag Set 1 2

• Duffel bag

• High back adjustable seat with lumbar inflation

• Drop-stitch floor

• Inflatable foot brace

• Repair kit

• Owners manual

You need to purchase a life jacket as the minimum.

Check out our Fishing Gear section if you want to do some kayak fishing.

General information

All our Advanced Elements kayaks come with a 12 month warranty. Check out the details here:

But if you have any issues after that period, still get in touch as we carry some spare parts and may be able to help out.

Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee means that if the kayak is not what you expected, you have 30 days after delivery to return the kayak for a FULL refund. See for details.

Shipping is free for orders over $99 and $19 flat rate for orders under $99.

If the product is in stock, it will ship from our Brisbane warehouse within 1-2 business days of ordering.

We use Direct Freight Express as a courier and they are usually pretty quick.

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney – overnight.

Melbourne – 2 nights.

Elsewhere… it varies. If you have a deadline, please get in touch and we’ll check if it’s going to make it in time.

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