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This versatile compact solar shower can be hung from a tree if you are camping or hiking, but the extra long hose means it can be also used on top of the car at the beach.

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2.5 Minutes of Running Water

The 9.5L Compact Solar Shower gives you about 2.5 minutes of ‘shower time’.

This is generally enough for 1 person to have a nice, relaxing shower. If you were quick and turned the shower off whilst you were soaping up, it could stretch to 2 people.

This solar shower is ideal for hosing off after surfing or going to the beach. It is also great for using on your boat.

Want MORE shower time?

Check out the 19L Medium Solar Camp Shower for a leisurely 5 minutes of shower time!

Want Bells and Whistles?

The 11.5L Small Solar Camp Shower gives you 3 minutes of shower time with some handy features, including a mirror and pockets for showering.

Insulated - Gets Hot Quicker and Stays Hot Longer

camping solar shower insulation layers
solar shower insulation heating

No more goose bumps!

Most compact solar shower bags have only 1 layer of PVC on each side.

With our 4-layer design, the foam layer insulates the hot water to prevent heat loss.

This means your shower can get much hotter, much faster than a regular shower, and stay hot longer. No more waiting around for ages at the end of a long and dirty day, just to shiver through a lukewarm shower!

9.5L compact solar shower in use

Smart Design Features

solar camping shower head

The shower head is easy to turn on and off one-handed.

No fiddling around trying to get the water back on, getting soap in your eyes and getting cold!

solar shower bag d rings

The Velcro straps can also be used to secure the shower head into position if you want to use both hands to scrub under the running water – this is great for rinsing out shampoo.

Quality Manufacturing

  • Cheap showers struggle to hold together at the seams under the weight of the water when they are full. The high quality seams of the compact solar shower are very reliable – it will give you years of hot showers.
  • Sometimes you don’t get to choose where the sun is, and you want to be able to lay your shower anywhere without worrying about puncture. The outer layer is extremely durable, which allows you tolay the shower on pretty well any kind of rough surface with confidence.
  • The Summer Shower products all come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty from Advanced Elements
Compact Solar Shower
9.5L compact solar shower in use
Sailor Pat
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I use this on a day sail boat in the Virgin Islands, gets heavy use every day rinsing off salty snorkelers. This is my second one, first one got washed overboard in a squall after many seasons. Only improvement would be to make the velcro straps longer to hold the shower hose. Really recommend this product.
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They are really phantstic and I get a warm shower every time I come back from surfing / kiteboarding. Use it 2-3 times a week and it holds up great.
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Perfect for a Pluming-less Week’s Trip 2.5 Gallons is more than enough for a double hair wash (I have short hair) plus essentials (pits + groin), with plenty left to rinse my wash cloth, while still light enough (~20 pounds loaded) to easily lift to usable height. Really pleased with this purchase.

Practical and Easy to Use

solar summer shower ss7627

At the top of the shower, there is a wide handle with a soft grip, so you can comfortably carry the shower when it is full.

The clip on the strap makes it easy to hang the shower – you don’t have to fiddle around with ropes – if you have a branch or a rail at the right height, just clip it straight on.

camping shower easy fill

The extra-large filling valve means you can fill up the compact solar shower without getting water everywhere.

The fill valve is rigid with an easy twist-off cap, so it is easy to open and close, even when the shower is full of water.

solar shower bag thermometer

The temperature gauge means you don’t have to waste water to feel if the water is hot enough, which means you get more shower time from the 9.5L Compact Solar Shower.


Brand: Advanced Elements
Shower Capacity: 9.5L
Number of Persons: 1
Packed Dimensions: 39 x 16 x 4 cm
Weight: 431g
Running Water Time: 2.5 minutes
Suitable for Hanging: Yes
Mesh Pockets? No
Mirror Included? No
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