Kayaking on Lake Parramatta

advancedframe convertible elite kayak reza parasee

“This company deserves nothing short of 5 stars.

The kayak we bought is AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak.

It is fantastic.

The purchase and post-sales services are great, and we also learned everything we needed about the kayak from Emily’s informative videos on Youtube.

Strongly recommend this company if you are after an inflatable kayak.

advancedframe convertible elite kayak reza parasee 3

There are online reviews that talk about this kayak and its fabric bits, and note that drying out the fabric is hard and messy.

We applied a bit of water repellent spary on all the fabrics before getting into water.

At the end, drying was no hassle at all.

We just wiped around with a towel and after getting home, left the kayak in the afternoon sun for an hour or so.

It was easy and really no drama.

Overall, we feel like it was money well-spent.

– Reza

Kayaking on Lake Parramatta

If you want to go kayaking on Lake Parramatta, here’s where Reza launched their kayak:

AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak

We paddled in Parramatta Lake Reserve. There is a little dock very close to the entry point to the reserve, where a boat hire is also operating. It was quite convenient to get in and out of kayak without getting wet at all.

The AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak is perfect for Reza because:

  • It’s easy to paddle straight as it has an Aluminum Rib Frame Design.
  • It has the best speed, tracking and stability.
  • It has plenty of leg room with a capacity of 249kg.
  • The high-backed seat with lumbar support is very comfortable and supportive
  • It’s very durable – he didn’t have to worry about submerged obstacles in creeks
  • It’s quick and easy to set-up and pack away.