Chillin with the cows kayaking Lake Maroon May 2011

On the way home from a camping trip, we stopped at Lake Maroon (QLD) for a paddle in our inflatable kayaks.

Yes, we managed to fit all our camping gear plus 2 kayaks into a Corolla hatch…

Access was easy – there is a boat ramp in good condition with plenty of parking available.

Putting inflatable kayaks in at boat ramp

The mountain views were beautiful … I think this is Mount Maroon in the background.

Kayaking Lake Maroon May 2011 1

Or maybe this is Mount Maroon? Who knows. The Great Dividing Range offers plenty of stunning views, no matter what the mountains are called!

Kayaking Lake Maroon May 2011 2

The dam is quite full, so we found ourselves kayaking through trees and bushes.

Kayaking Lake Maroon May 2011 3

And it was around about here where we found ourselves face to face with some cows. So we hung out with them for a while, just taking in the vibe.

Chillin with the cows kayaking Lake Maroon May 2011

I love the eeriness of paddling through old dead trees. It’s like a graveyard.

Kayaking Lake Maroon May 2011 4

We let the kayaks dry off whilst we had some sausages in the picnic shelter near the boat ramp.

Kayaking Lake Maroon May 2011 5

What a lovely lake! I would definitely recommend a paddle on Lake Maroon, but watch out for the power boats on weekends.

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