ian coates advancedframe convertible elite kayak
"It took all of 10 minutes to inflate the kayak. Very soon, we were on the water, finding it very comfortable and easy to launch."

“What a wonderful experience we enjoyed with our Oz Inflatable kayak!

The AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak arrived within days of ordering, just in time for the arrival of our daughter and son-in-law. 

Both live in Canberra and are missing home, are keen surfers and love kayaking.

However, we only ever had two hard kayaks so, even though they both grew up here, they have never got to share the joy of kayaking with us.

We surprised them by taking them through the Noosa Everglades, launching at Harry’s Hut.

It took all of 10 minutes to inflate the kayak.

Very soon, we were on the water, finding it very comfortable and easy to launch.

We found the hard floor a godsend but had to change our sitting position through our day as the seats were not as comfortable as we hoped.

But it could be our old bones too… Ian and I enjoyed the double kayak which sliced through the water with ease and great stability.

After a picnic lunch at Camp Two, we could see how the young ones both ached to try the double.

Such is the speed of this wonderful kayak that they soon disappeared to explore those waterways, leaving to paddle slowly on our hard kayaks.

Sadly, we were in lockdown for the rest of their stay, only to return to Canberra days before it too closed.

We promised them to return to kayaking over their Christmas visit (fingers crossed).

Emily, thank you for your prompt dispatch, and organising those kayaks for the Australian market.

We can’t wait to take ours with our caravan on the outback waterways we love so much but have never been able to explore.”

– Patricia

Kayaking at Noosa Everglades, QLD

If you want to go kayaking at Noosa Everglades QLD, here is the map where Patricia and Ian launched their kayak:

kayaking noosa everglades map

The AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak is perfect for Patricia and Ian because:

  • It’s easy to paddle straight as it has an Aluminum Rib Frame Design.
  • It has the best speed, tracking and stability.
  • It has plenty of leg room with a capacity of 249kg which is perfect for the family.
  • The high-backed seat with lumbar support is very comfortable and supportive.
  • It’s very durable – they didn’t have to worry about submerged obstacles in creeks.
  • It’s quick and easy to set-up and pack away.

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“Fantastic, after the initial set up, it is so easy and quick to get going. They paddle so well.”


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“Purchasing the AdvancedFrame Kayak has been a game changer for me.”


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“I have always loved paddling on the river and on still water but it was impossible for me to do it independently. You can’t stop me now. In less than 10 minutes after pulling up I’m on the water.”

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