Advancedframe Inflatable Kayak


The AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak is a delight to paddle and very comfortable – even a beginner can cruise along for hours.

It's fast and comfortable enough for a multi-day trip, but quick and easy to set up for a casual paddle. It cuts through chop easily on the open ocean, but also glides beautifully on a lake or calm river.

See below for why this is our best selling solo inflatable kayak:

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Here is why the AdvancedFrame is our best selling solo inflatable kayak:

Comfortable for Hours

  • Your back is supported by the clip-in seat so you are comfortable all day
  • Your bum is cushioned by the low pressure inflatable floor reducing the risk of numbness
  • On board storage space for gear – the AdvancedFrame can handle 136kg if you are going on an expedition
  • Stay dry with the inflatable coaming and optional skirt – this is great for those adventurous souls who want to paddle the open ocean
    Optional foot pegs or foot brace to assist paddling technique

Easy to Paddle Straight

  • Glide straight and cuts through chop with the patented AdvancedFrame design – no waggling when you paddle
  • Built in fin to help you paddle straight
  • Low centre of gravity and a flat hull for effortless stability – this saves your strength and allows you to relax and enjoy the ride

Quality Design & Manufacturing

  • Multi-layer material design for protection of the inner tubes – there is very little risk of puncture
  • Durable triple layer PVC tarpaulin hull so you don’t have to worry about damage on rocks
  • Dual main air chambers for safety – if one chamber of the inner tube is compromised, the other will still function
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Lightweight at only 16kg for easy handling to and from the water
  • Comes pre-assembled – no need to set up, just inflate and go
  • Packs up into a bag about the size of a suitcase for easy storage and transport – planes, trains and automobiles, the world is your oyster!
  • The AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak is comfortable, durable, stable and paddles like a dream – great for day touring on flat or coastal water.

The AdvancedFrame is fine for class 1 and 2 rivers, and durable enough for class 3, however it is really designed to paddle in a straight line, and therefore not recommended for rivers above class 3.



  • New advanced inflation valves
  • Inflatable coaming for attaching a spray skirt
  • Durable double coated fabric
  • Bungee deck lacing
  • Moulded rubber handles
  • Reinforced bow and stern seam
  • Hard edge bow/stern
  • Large storage compartment
  • Welded seams
  • Neoprene paddle guard
  • Adjustable back support
  • D-ring tie down
  • Skeg tracking fin
  • Rip stop fabric
Included Accessories:

  • Carrying Duffel Bag
  • Folding Seat
  • Repair Kit
  • Owner’s Manual

  • Length: 10’5″ (3.18m)
  • Width: 32” (81cm)
  • Weight: 36 lbs (16 kg)
  • Max Capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Colour: Red/Gray
  • Deflated and packed dimensions: 32″ x 17″ x 10″ (76cm x 43cm x 25cm)