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"I have since paddled in an open lake with strong currents and it performs well! I am pleased with the paddle being detachable."

“I am a very happy owner of the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak, Inflatable Foot Brace and Orbit 4-Part Kayak Paddle!

After extensive research online of various inflatable kayak suppliers in Australia and product reviews, I settled on Oz Inflatable as the supplier.

What drew me to this company was the comprehensive website resources of an extensive range of kayaks and supporting info (especially video!) and the product reviews.

After completing the recommendation request form, I received a reply from Emily with a personalised video (!) and after a brief exchange I had made up my mind (I knew what I wanted, just needed a little more info).

I was super impressed that the kayak arrived in TWO days, especially in lockdown times!

I am also extremely satisfied by the prompt customer service that was provided by Emily and her despatch team.

I have since paddled in an open lake with strong currents and it performs well!

I am pleased with the paddle being detachable.

I did have to get used to the length (adjusted to shortest) but it is OK to use now.

The foot brace is also appreciated as it suits my paddling style.

It was a useful tip to have a towel here, in fact I have not had to use this much as not much water enters the craft even during a paddle through a bit of choppy conditions.

I use it more to wipe down after my outing!

Everything packs up well into my little Suzuki Swift!

The product comes with a puncture repair kit which I hope I won’t need to use too soon.

I am mindful of not paddling near rocks or shelled surfaces/bottoms, I can see how the skin could get compromised as it is not a thick material.

The Sport Kayak suits me to a tee because of my petite and light physique, it is easy to transport and manoeuvre.

I have paddled in a rigid sea kayak before so that is my reference.

I love the inflatable kayak because it wins on so many counts, the technology of the inflatable kayak has vastly improved over the years.

I also highly recommend getting the hand pump, I have managed to get the inflation time to 5 minutes so I can spend more time on the water.

In 3 weeks I have had 4 paddle outings with the Sport, it is extremely comfortable and a breeze to paddle in – the smile is still on my face from the first time on the water! I live in an area with quite a few waterways – creeks, semi sheltered harbours and open lakes so I am looking forward to many days of exploration with the Sport.

I highly recommend Oz Inflatable if anyone is looking for an inflatable kayak.”

– Li Lin

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