Reviews – AdvancedFrame Kayak

advancedframe kayak tomas valena

Kayaking Easy

“10 mins to set up, 10 minutes to get back into the car. The AdvancedFrame Kayak is very stable, under normal condition on flat water you get no water inside.”

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advancedframe kayak david wilson

Kayaking on the Goulburn River, Eildon

“The AdvancedFrame Kayak is very easy to set-up. Paddles are remarkably straight and no lifting onto the car roof needed. I will be taking it away on our next caravan trip. It’s so easy to use. I am very happy with my kayak and the help I received from Emily.”

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advancedframe expedition inflatable kayak david gerber

A Realistic Alternative

“Having now a few months and several outings with the AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak, once you’re out on the water, I don’t believe that there’s a

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inflatable kayak reviews jeffrey r 1

Launch Day

“Hello Emily, The Kayak did not disappoint. Initially I was impressed with the stability of the craft. I settled into it immediately, and in no

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