About Oz Inflatable Kayaks

Oz Inflatable Kayaks sells and distributes the Advanced Elements range of inflatable kayaks, paddles, and accessories. We also stock a range of SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards)

The most convenient way to purchase is through our online store and we are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Inflatable Watercraft Find UsYes they are that good!

(Please note that of course the kayak needs to be in as new condition and we won’t be able to refund you for shipping or courier charges which is pretty fair – please contact us before you return your item)

However, if you would prefer to visit a showroom, we have Distributors in most Australian States

So who is Oz Inflatable Kayaks?

Emily n Jacob Oz Inflatable Kayaks n SupsMy name is Emily and my husband Jacob and I have always loved recreational kayaking.

The only problem was lugging a heavy hard shell kayak around!

In 2008, I discovered the Advanced Elements range of inflatable kayaks which offered portability without compromising on quality, and decided to make these kayaks accessible to Aussies all over the country.

If you have any further questions that our website hasn’t answered please contact us